• Yes, lobbyists hose the majority to benefit the minority

    Big corporations have lots of money which they can essentially use to buy legislation (that's what lobbying is). Even if the legislation has a negative impact on more people than it helps, too bad for them I guess. Money buys laws in this age and the rights of normal people are slowly being infringed upon.

  • Yes corporate lobbyist sould be illegal...

    Its the same thing as gangsters bribing politicians (illeagal). Lobbyist create more laws and restrictions to benefit companies then we can comprehend. Governmet should be for the people not for the dollar. I have bad anxiety attacks i use to smoke marijuana for it now i take xanax addictive pills (like herion) because its leagal. Congress will not look into scientific research for weed saying its dangerous but its ok to perscribe addictive Rx pills instead. Why??? Thats one example, theres more serious lobbying of pharmaceuticmal and alcohol companies for this and other reasons. They want ram their type of products down your throat and want your dollar by LAW...

  • SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) took away our peace and quiet!

    Legailizing aftermarket exhaust destroyed the peace and quiet us Americans once had.
    Now its about time to kick SEMA lobbyists OUT OF CONGRESS!
    And make aftermarket exhaust illegal, equip our Police Force with experience to get drivers to replace their loud exhausts with OEM exhausts by citing drivers and coming after the drivers with arrest warrants,
    and cleaning out Muffler shops and taking away all of the aftermarket exhaust systems and melting the metal to use all of that steel for better uses.

  • It seems pretty clear

    Even as a conservative, I believe it is true. In fact, many conservatives agree with me. The University of Texas at Austin School of Law recently hosted a Federalist Society Symposium (often conservative to moderate in it's membership) where all panelists on a particular talk agreed that Crony Capitalism needed to be curbed in various ways.

  • Yes, lobbying is destroying America.

    Whether we like it or not, most people are influenced by free stuff. When we have groups representing large companies that offer great gifts and perks we know from history that our elected officials are accepting these things. Even if they would vote for the right choice or vote how their constituents vote it still destroys America by taking away our confidence and trust because we know this goes on. Once we don't trust we start going down a path of destruction.

  • Lobbyists are able to heavily influence Congress to legislate in a certain way.

    Lobbyists are a major driving force behind what legislation gets passed by Congress. Citizens United allows the wealthy to use their vast amount of wealth to influence law, giving them a greater voice than those without wealth. Moreover, the same lobbyists can support candidates before and after elections to ensure their wishes are met.

  • It certainly is

    Look no further than the scumbags at the top of the NRA to verify this. A discussion that the country is begging Washington to have isn't happening and likely won't because of a couple of clowns completely detached from reality dishing out grade to politicians for how often they say more guns is the way to fix everything. Lobbying is one of the reasons Washington doesn't wory.

  • Yes, it is bad for America.

    Lobbying allows the powerful, rich, and influential people and companies to dominate the laws that get passed through Congress. Even when laws are being considered that do benefit the ordinary citizens they will have riders in them that promote special interest groups. Much of the time, we have no idea what the passage of a certain bill entails, and when we go to the polls to vote on issues in our community they are written in such legalese that they need to be explained, and then you have to trust the article that explains it. Lobbying allows too much that goes disguised from ordinary citizens.

  • They are taking power away from voters.

    The corporations want the laws to be in their favor. All these patents, subsidies are used when members of congress are bribed to change the law. This is not a democracy; It is a moneycracy. Also, voters have absolutely no say in this whatsoever. Money has to be taken out, and order in its place. Big Pharma is eviscerating the US economy by using this method.

  • Misdirection of sorts..

    The source of the problem is ultimately the abandonment of a small, limited government combined with the vast amount of power assumed at the federal level with a massive bureaucratic regime of fiefdoms. With the power to take so much, impose much more...There's a lot of room to grant favor and privilege. The fact is in some cases it is a necessity to lobby to stop the proposed or inflicted harm or in some cases a special interest is looking for a hand out. What is destructive is the concentration of that power at the national level.

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