• Yes he is a good hitter.

    He may not be the best player for the Dodgers but he will be a good tool to help the Dodgers make the post-season. Last year they had trouble at second base with them trading Dee Gordon to the Marlins a couple years back. He will be a good addition to their infield. With Corey Seager at short they will be a deadly duo. The dodgers really didn't lose anything from trading Jose de Leon.

  • Forsythe's a great 2B

    Logan Forsythe has been above average as a hitter and as a defender since he joined the Rays. His departure from the team will have great repercussions on Tampa Bay. Logan Forsythe is a good hitter and is very consistent. He is a reason why the LA Dodgers are favored to win the 2017 World Series over teams like Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston

  • Yes, Logan Forsythe is a good player.

    Logan Forsythe a good player because he has made it all the way up to the majors. Millions of people try to become baseball players and do not make it past high school. He gets paid to play a game, proving that he has achieved great success as an athlete.

  • Yes he is

    Yes Logan Forsythe is a good player, of course he is. He would not have gotten where he is now without being good. So many peoople are quick to judge their supporting players when they for example miss a pitch. He is currently about to be swapped out for another player, but this does not mean he is a bad player.

  • He is in high demand.

    Forsythe is a good enough baseball player to have two teams fighting over him. His transfer was a big deal. He makes big impact as a second baseman and the teams that he plays for have been largely successful. Anyone who gets to MLB has to have a great deal of talent.

  • Logan Forsythe is not a good player

    I think that Logan Forsythe had one good year and will be richly rewarded for that going forward. I don't think he is deserving of the big money, nor do I expect that he will even be a star player on his new team. This is a case where one person is just very lucky.

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