Is logic & reasoning more effective than research & evidence?

Asked by: Romanii
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  • No, research is effective.

    No, research and evidence is more effective than logic and reasoning, because logic and reasoning is based on personal opinion. Research and evidence is more empirical. That means that personal biases are not as likely to effect the scientific process. This is better than the feelings that are involved in the process of logic and reasoning.

  • I believe that hard evidence may cover your tracks better despite my thoughts on being logical and reasonable

    Due to the fact that reasoning and being logical is simply based on ones upbringing, it is sometimes not a valid way to present ones point or trying to prove an idea or thing exists. For example, you can have an opinion on how fast alcohol affects a person simply by experience. However, research and evidence will accurately prove the speed of alcohol affecting someones body based on how tall one is or how much they weigh.

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