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    There are so many loopholes. People still use guns for hunting. Someone can steal a gun from the military. Also, they could steal from an armory. There are way too many other things on how guns get acquired. And what about bombs?? It's not hard to get a gun any more.

  • Yes. People can and will get what they want

    If a criminal wants a gun will they get it? Well they may have raped, killed ecc but you know what they just won't buy a gun cause it's illegal-accept for the fact that they will. People were able to get alcohol during prohibition and now people can get drugs even though they're illegal so if you aren't allowed to get a certain type of gun don't you think a criminal will still get it? Gun control only hurts people who obey the law

  • YES

    There is so much logic missing from both sides.

    One side insists upon going after weapons that aren't even that dangerous and just look scary. This side doesn't understand the reality of guns. They don't understand that a lot of common "assault" rifles are needed because they are better than traditional shotguns and rifles for hunting small and medium game. They also don't seem to understand these "assault" rifles are needed by smaller people because they are lighter and have less kickback, therefore meaning that they effectively want to disarm many women without even realizing it.

    On the other side of the aisle, you have these people that are screaming about the government trying to take away our guns so that they can murder people. You have people harping about Hitler and Stalin and just going crazy. A lot of these people refuse to even entertain reasonable ideas, and a lot of them seem to be angry that they can't run around their local mall carrying around a tommy gun or something.

    We really need some sanity in this situation, and neither side is really offering it.

  • Yes, and on both sides

    Logic is missing from both sides of the gun control debate. One side claims that without guns there will be significantly less violent crimes, even though a lot of data suggests that most violent crimes do not involve guns. On the other side, they claim that they need assault rifles to protect themselves from criminals. The argument that "guns don't kill people" is also a weak argument. Logic is definitely missing from both sides of the gun control debate.

  • Boastfully so

    With due respect to the poster below me, you cannot wait for a time that emotion isn't present in this discussion when innocent people are getting their brains blown out on a weekly basis. That time isn't coming. There is a lack of logic from both sides, "ban all guns" is stupid and "guns make you safer" is even more stupid. It's too much of a hot button issue for it to ever be a purely logical one.

  • Yes, Logic is Absent in Gun Control Debate

    Any time you have a reactionary debate to an emotional event like the Newtown shootings, it is natural and expected that irrational and illogical responses will pour in from both sides. Those who are on the restriction side of the argument will use the event to bolster their argument while those afraid of losing their guns will react to the other extreme. No matter how you feel about guns, most would admit that they were not the issue in this most recent high profile shooting spree. The real issue at hand is the lack of mental health care in the United States. Troubled individuals are falling through the cracks for many reasons which could encompass an entire page. The reactionary measures to gun control laws currently being debated in legislative bodies are completely devoid of any type of logic. Until a period of time has passed that allows emotional attachments to wane, this will always be the case.

    Posted by: pdrm
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