• "He's adopted." -Thor

    Even his brother had trouble justifying Loki. Loki is a deceiving trickster that orchestrated the would-be assassination of Odin, a tactical plan, premeditated to deliver petty vengeance towards favoritism. Always having ulterior motives, and proudly expressing his wicked ideology in Germany when Captain America, no less, has to interrupt him. Unleashing a malevolent alien army on unsuspecting humans, instantly rocking their worldview without warning...Just to rule over a scorched earth.

  • Anyone wishing to gain power for himself can't be good

    His intentions are evil from the get go he wants to enslave the human race, also he wishes to kill anyone in his way whether they are innocent or not, he is a villain for a reason, he may have spouts of good dashed in but is a true evil villain

  • Loki is evil

    Loki is his own worst enemy. His adopted family loved him but he could never believe it. He was a prince of Asgard but it wasn't enough because his not crownprince. He is power-hungry, jealous , vindictive and blames everyone else for what happened. In the first film he's sympathetic after he finds out he's a jotun and wants to prove himself to his family. But it's no excuse for treason and attempted genocide. After his first defeat he only gets worse and does everything he can to seize power both on Earth and then on Asgard no matter how many people must die and without any remorse. If that's not evil what is?

  • Anyone who goes to the lengths he does for power is evil.

    In Thor, he was a somewhat sympathetic character. He was having an identity crisis and resented Thor for always getting the attention. You could also make the argument that he represents internalized racism. However, nowhere was it shown that he was ever mistreated by his family in Asgard. Odin did not discriminate against him in his choice of heir. In most monarchies, the eldest son is automatically the heir, so even if Loki were actually Odin's son he still wouldn't be the heir. Basically, he was throwing a temper tantrum for the majority of the movie. Having an identity crisis does not justify sending a destructive robot to kill your brother and destroy a random city in New Mexico and attempt to commit genocide in Jotunheim. Neither does it justify trying to enslave Earth. Thor repeatedly tried to reason with him and even apologized to him. Does Loki listen? No. If he weren't played by such a charming actor, he wouldn't have nearly as many fans. Regardless of how messed up he is, doing what he did is evil.

  • Loki is called the god of mischief for a reason

    Look, even from watching the movies we know that whatever Loki does only brings about chaos not only to Earth, but also to the other worlds. Although haters say that Loki had helped Thor, obviously he helped him for his own benefit. After Thor left him, Loki went back to Midgard and probably killed his own step father ( I don't remember what his name is) , who lovingly raised Loki since he was a child. I'm not making an assumption that Loki murdered his step father, but of course his step father wouldn't give his sceptre to the god of mischief.

  • Loki is not truly evil

    He feels that he is alone in the world, and wants to prove himself to his adopted father. He does what he does to feel accepted. He also feels jealous of his brother. Jealousy is not true evil, he wants to stand out from his brother and prove that he is a great person

  • Power by any means necessary

    He strives to power by any means necessary. He using trickery or brute force to his advantage. He seeds destruction, wherever he goes. On the other hand, all his good deeds are just another way for him to gain the power.
    Another question would be what he actually intends to do with this power.

  • Loki just wants approval

    Especially from his father. Loki has always been a little desperate to be loved, But he often isn't. After he found out that he is part of the race that his brother, (whom he loves dearly), Has sworn to destroy, He clearly is not in a good state of mind. Albeit he goes about destroying Jotenhiem in a different way than Thor, It isn't more or less bad, Really, Just more thought out and cunning. I'm not saying what he did was right, But Thor was given a chance at redemption and he was not.
    This brings me to my next point; Loki tried to kill himself. He floated between the branched of Yggdrasill for an unknown amount of time, Alone in the void until he was caught by Thanos and likely tortured. After this, The two most common and probable theories are that a) during the events of Avengers 1 Loki was under some sort of mind control that he managed to deter just enough to make sure his 'invasion' would fail. Or, B) Loki, Not under mind control, Pretended to be Thanos' ally in order to thwart him. This led to him organizing a bad attack on earth that was easily defeated, Thinning Thanos' army.
    In Thor: Ragnorak, Thor passes out after being tasered for a few seconds. Loki, While being continuously tasered stays awake and coherent enough to talk to Thor. I'm saying that he has been through worse, But, Um, He's been through worse.

  • I mean come on

    He sepent an unknown amount of time with Thanos,probably tortured, always lived in the shadow of his brother, constatly told to know his place by his brother, Heimdall didnt hesitate to embarass him in front of the Warriors 3 and Sif while he praised Thor, Odin barely payed atten,tion to him do you want me to go on? Of course he isn't evil, just a cute mischevious boy who has been hurt too much.

  • Loki is a victim of circumstance

    Loki does some bad things, but he isn't a bad person. At the beginning of the first Thor movie, he loves his family, though he is jealous of Thor. Finding out he is a frost giant devastates, as he realizes he is part of the race of "monsters" he was brought up to hate and was originally meant to be a pawn. He has a hard time believing his parents love him after that. Also, Loki taking the throne is not treason or plotting. Frigga gave it to him! With Thor banished and Odin in a coma, it was his by right. Sending the Destroyer after Thor and trying to destroy Jotunheim was definitely wrong, but he had just suffered significant emotional trauma so he probably wasn't in a very rational state of mind. He killed Laufey and tried to kill the Jotuns because he wanted Odin to be proud of him despite his heritage, and his adopted father's perceived rejection of him tipped him over the edge (literally!) and led him to attempt suicide. His actions in The Avengers are bad, no question, but we don't know what happened after he fell of the Bifrost that changed him from unstable teenager who has identity issues to insane killer. However, Loki still cares for his adopted family, shown by his reaction to Frigga's death, the person he probably loved the most. Loki also saves Thor at the end of Dark World (though also deceiving him and pretending to be dead). In Ragnarok, he does seem somewhat sad at Odin's death (despite his anger at him). He does try to betray Thor again, but he ultimately returns to help save the Asgardians. But then he takes the Tesseract which leads to Thanos's ship finding them... But we don't know how that will play down until Infinity War.

  • Loki is NOT evil!

    He is human (okay tehniclly hes not but thats not my point). And because he is 'human' that means he does a lot of mistakes.
    Sure he is selfish and jealous sometimes.. But that shouldnt define him.
    Are we all just going to forget how much he cared about his fathers opinion. He wanted to make him proud.
    And offcourse he was jealous of thorn. Even i am jealous on my sister all the time hah. This is sibling think. Noone can be not jealous all the time
    and are we going to ignore who was thorn before he met jane? He was selfish too. And stubborn. All he wanted to do was fight fight and more fight. Then jane saved him. Maybe loki just needed saving. Maybe he needed someone to love him. And not because they were related or because everyone wanted to kiss his ass. He wanted to be loved because of what he truly is.
    Dont forget the time when he found out he was 'adopted'. He felt betrayed and was in so much pain. He was his own nightmare, his own worst enemy for christs sake!
    Didnt you all figured out that when people think you are the worst you slowly start tp belive in it..?
    I believe he is NOT evil. He is 'human'. He is good. On him own unique way.

  • Loki is NOT evil

    Hes human (okay tehnicially hes not but thats not my point). And 'humans' DO mistakes. It is part of them.
    And sure, he may be selfish and jealous and all this stuff. But that shouldnt define him. Hes good on his own way.
    All he wanted to do was to make his father proud. He cared for his opinion. I know this doesnt justify his stupid actions. But the way his eyes were in tears when he was fighting his half brother (thorn i mean hh) it cant be true that he is truly evil.
    And what would you do if you found out you were 'adopted'. He was damn hurt!
    And dont forget that he is drunk in power. Nobody saved him. Maybe he needed saving. Just like thorn got it. Yeah. Dont forget who was thorn before he met jane. He was sealfish as hell. He just wanted to fight fight and more fight. And then he met jane.
    So yeah.. Loki is not truly evil. Noone is.

  • It’s not really his fault, after all, he felt betrayed.

    Loki was adopted but he didn’t know until much later. Before that, he actually had some hope that he would be king. However, Odin dashes his hopes as well as his confidence when he said that Loki was adopted and could not be king. He even said that Loki’s birth right was to die!!! Loki felt betrayed as he wanted to be king, so taking over countries on earth was just his way of trying to rule somewhere. He saved Thor in “the dark world”...He really isn’t that evil, is he? He just wants to be the savior and king of Asgard.

  • Loki is not completely evil, or at least not much eviler than Thor

    (in the first Thor movie). One way of looking at it is that Loki near the end of the film is Thor at the beginning. At the beginning Thor wants to destroy all the frost giants, so he goes to Jotunhiem and attacks, which results in his banishment. By the end of the film, Thor's views have changed. Loki's main turning point was after he found out he was a frost giant, but his motivation throughout the movie remained consistent; he wanted to have his father's approval. In Loki's mind, the way to accomplish this was to destroy all the frost giants. However, when his father rejects this idea, Loki supposedly commits suicide. Thus the main difference between Thor and Loki is that Thor was given a chance at redemption and Loki was not. However, another point that could negate this claim is the different methods each brother uses to achieve his ends. Thor is fairly straightforward; he rushes into battle without using his head. Loki on the other hand forms complex and manipulative plans, he establishes trust (an alliance with the frost giant king) only to break it later. Whether the latter point indicates a lack of ethics, or simply more intelligent, it is hard to deny that Loki would be a terrible enemy in a way that Thor wouldn't.

  • He's not evil!

    He's a kid who had emotional trauma, first of all, he learned that he's adopted, he's a monster. He tried so hard to gain Odin's favor, but Odin said NO. Then he gave up. There's no purpose of living anymore. Now he still said he hates his family, but deep down he still loves them.
    'Opposite of love is NOT hate, is indifference,' -Tom Hiddleston.

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