• It is worth it.

    Long term care insurance is definitely worth the expense. If you think about just what your life is and what it is worth you will realize that paying extra to keep it in good shape is definitely something that is worth splurging on. I am a fan of long term insurance.

  • Better safe then sorry

    The way I look at long-term car insurance, such as paying 6 months or a year in advance is, it is much better to be safe then sorry. Car insurance is a very important thing to have because you simply will never know what could happen when you get behind the wheel.

  • Many people use it.

    Yes, long-term care insurance is worth the expense, because the people who use it can lose their entire life savings if they do not have the insurance. Having the insurance can take a lot of pressure off other family members, such as children, who may worry about their aging parent's finances.

  • Yes it is.

    Long term care insurance is worth the expense. If you take a look at how expensive long term care can be, you will see getting insurance for it can save you a ton of money. Long term care is one of the biggest things that make people file for bankruptcy.

  • Long-Term Care Is Too High

    There is no good way to take care of long-term care expenses, other than make sure you avoid nursing homes. Nursing homes suck every drop of money out of a patient before they die. The costs associated with care are highly over priced and inflated and the services received are more often than not, inadequate. I do not believe long-term care insurance is worth the expense, unless you're absolutely loaded and don't want the long term care facility to take it all.

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