Is long-term cooperation and comradery possible between the United States and Russia?

  • Yes it is possible.

    Long term cooperation and comradely is possible between the United States and Russia. In order for this to happen both countries need to go into talks with an open mind and a want to better their relationship. If both are willing to do this then they can create a long lasting relationship.

  • Yes, long-term cooperation is possible between the US and Russia

    Long-term cooperation and comradery is possible between the United States and Russia, but it will have a very delicate balance. The leaders of each country would have to be extremely committed to making the cooperation a priority and each would have to be willing to compromise in certain areas or on certain points in some situations. It is possible, but it would take very strong and determined leaders to achieve it.

  • Yes, I think long term cooperation is possible between the United States and Russia.

    I believe that while Russian and United States relations have always been cold at best there is the opportunity for each side to reach out to each other and work together instead of the relationship that exists now, eventually a power shift in Russia or the United States will lead to one of the leaders deciding to reach other one and perhaps a new era of cooperation can be had between the two.

  • I think it is inevitable.

    I think ultimately it is very likely. Although the countries have historically had very different political systems, Russia is rapidly becoming capitalist based, and it surely must be apparent to those leading both countries that conflict and disagreement between each other is no longer beneficial to either country in the long term if they are to continue to make money.

  • Cooperation is hard to come by

    Long term cooperation is not possible between the United States and Russia because their is such a long history of resentment and animosity. Russia still has deep roots into the communist party and America was founded on freedom. Those two ways of life are the exact opposite of each other.

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