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  • Lorde is an amazing role model

    She's a pop artist that doesn't sing about sex and money. She can actually write meaningful lyrics, unlike the majority of the stuff that's played on the radio. She doesn't wear next to nothing in music videos and she is who she is, not trying to be another Katy Perry and bubblegum pop her way around.

  • Best role model for a girl

    Lorde is incredible, she does her thing and doesnt really care if it fits into todays music or not. First of all her lyrics are amazing and they speak okf a lot more meaningful things, things that we can relate to more than the songs about getting high and twerking all around the place! She also embraces her natural self and doesn't cake herself in make, and you may look an d the dark lip shades she wears and say that it isn;t very natural looking (which you are probably right) but she wears those colors for herself, not to get a boy to like her. She also shows of her ance proudly as if to say "look at me I am nowwhere near perfect, but hey I actualy dont care about perfect"

  • Of course she's a good role model!

    Lorde is an amazing singer for being so young, she's only 17 and incredibly talented. I love her song royals bcuz it explains how she doesn't need the lux life to be happy. Her songs are a nice change from some of the songs we have today. She doesn't sing about kissing boys and girls or partying and getting drunk. Even her music videos don't show her doing crazy stuff, she doesn't ride on balls naked like Miley cyrus. Her music videos are a nice change. I'm excited to see what the future holds for her, I look forward to seeing her grow as an artist.

  • Lorde is awesome

    She's outspoken, creative and a feminist. I love that she doesn't follow the "pop-tart princess" model. She can sing and write her songs. She's not auto tuned and she seems to think about more than boys, clothes, parties and texting. She likes to think and to talk about what she thinks. David Bowie has called her the future of music. She is talented, thoughtful and smart which make her a good role model.

  • Lorde Sends a Good Message

    In a lot of her music, Lorde sends a good message about overcoming negativity and poverty and bringing society together. We need to have more intercultural coordination, so she is a good role model by crossing social and cultural lines and bringing different kinds of people and music together. Royals has been redone as pop/rap remixes and Team just generally gives a positive message about people working together in bad situations.

  • She is an amazing role model.

    The first song i heard of her was obviously Royals and it just had such a big impact on me. The depth to that song is indescribable. I learned that to be happy you don't have to be famous, have money, power, etc. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are happy with who you are. "We crave a different kind of buzz. We aren't caught up in your love affair."
    She goes onto say how she and her friends have cracked to code (the key to happiness) which goes back to what she mentioned before. This song is just so full of meaning that it changes how you view the world compared to how other artist convey it.

    Despite the fact that she has "dissed" (in my opinion, she has simply stated her opinions but other people don't like them. She said what she thought. She did not attack anyone.) other female singers in the past, I trule admire her sheer honesty. She has to learn to watch out what she says more often so it may not be misinterpreted but she is truly a role model of my generation (this coming from a 17 year old).

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