• Yes, Loretta Lynch is an extremely important figure in the Clinton email scandal.

    As U.S. Attorney General, Lynch is the one who determines whether Secretary Clinton faces criminal charges for the manner in which she handled her email server. It is no coincidence that former President Bill Clinton decided to board her plane in Phoenix the other night. Even if the topic of their conversation stayed away from the case, his presence brought pressure, as Lynch basically has Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in her hands.

  • Yes Loretta Lynch is a key player

    Anyone who supports Hillary Clinton is a key player especially when they have so much political influence as Loretta Lynch. She has plenty of followers who value her opinion so she can easily persuade them who to vote for. She also has favorable judged towards Hillary Clinton in court which is very biased.

  • Loretta Lynch is a key player in the Clinton email scandal

    Loretta Lynch is a key player in the Clinton email scandal because she is the prosecuting arm could put Hillary Clinton in jail. The perception is that her ties to the Clinton's, and her strong democratic background, will leave her less than an impartial and not capable of prosecuting criminal conduct.

  • It is Clinton, not Loretta Lynch, who is responsible.

    Hillary Clinton, not Loretta Lynch, is the one responsible for her email scandal. It is Clinton, not Lynch, who had the files on her computer. It is Clinton, not Lynch, who chose to have top secret information on her computer. Loretta Lynch is the enforcer of the law, but it is Hillary Clinton alone who needs to take responsibility.

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