• Lost is Better, No Dought.

    Lost, Omg Lost. It may be Not very popular, but when it came out it was exploding with views, cause of it's good story, characters and John Locke.
    Lost: People crashing on a "Island."
    TWD: A Dumb show about zombies(AND HOW ALL ZOMBIE APOC'S START)
    In lost. It has all settings of catagories in movie/Show history: Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, Romantic, Bloody, History.

  • Lost is amazing!!!!!!!

    They are both really good but Lost has better characters and a more mysterious plot line. You get attached to the characters and they are very complex. The Walking Dead's characters are not as likable as Lost's characters and they are not as complex. The ending of Lost was amazing because it incorporated the first episode with the last.

  • It's the best

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  • Yes, but ...

    LOST was phenomenal but unfortunately "lost" its way after like the 3rd or 4th season. They nailed it with characters I believed. TWD has a lot of special moments though too. But, with the exception of the final scene of the S6 finale, I felt like I watched nothing happen for 90mins. I give the edge to lLOST, esp for innovation and being ahead of its time.

  • Lost vs The Walking Dead: Not Even a Competition

    Lost is far superior to The Walking Dead. Here are some comparisons of necessary elements of good television between the shows.

    1. Plot
    Winner: Lost. Lost always had an engaging plot that was driven by the sheer mystery of the island. The island was very interesting and provided one hell of a ride. The plot did become more important in later seasons, but it never overtook the series' main driving point: the characters. As for The Walking Dead, the show has repeated the same thing for 6 seasons now. Find a safe place, safe place gets overrun, walk through forest until finding a new safe place, then repeat. That is hardly a good plot.
    2. Characters
    Winner: Lost. This is completely one sided. Lost focuses episodes on each individual characters' stories and it works incredibly well. It is easy to love the characters and the storytelling is gripping and very emotionally satisfying. Meanwhile The Walking Dead develops characters poorly and Often I don't care when a character dies. The good characters have also received very minimal development that cannot even compare to Lost's characters.
    3. Action
    Winner: The Walking Dead. The one thing The Walking Dead does right every time is action. The brutality and action sequences are AWESOME and all of the best scenes from the show are from great action episodes. Lost has never been much for action, but even the most intense Lost scenes aren't as good as the Walking Dead action scenes.
    4. Pacing
    Winner: Lost. Lost is definitely no saint when it comes to pacing and the first 3 seasons had some slow pace issues, but the last 3 seasons had a consistently great pace. And the first 3 seasons weren't even that bad. However, The Walking Daed's pace is soooooo slow at times. In a season there are normally 4-6 great fast paced action episodes, 2-3 great character episodes and the rest being slow and boring episodes. It's horribly inconsistent and has been going on since the beginning of the series. Not even Lost's first 3 seasons come close to the poor pace of this series.
    5. Writing
    Winner: Lost. I have many gripes with Lost (especially with season 6), but I never got as frustrated with Lost's writing as I did with The Walking Dead several times. Plus, Lost had greatly written emotional episodes which more than make up for a few small gripes here in there in the first 5 seasons, and even for the several problems with season 6. The problem with The Walking Dead is that after every episode there are always several writing decisions to question that it sometimes flat out pisses me off.

    So the final score stands at Lost 4 and The Walking Dead 1. Lost is clearly the superior show to The Walking Dead from these reasons.

  • The Walking Dead Doesn't Even Compare to Lost

    Lost is better than the walking dead by a long shot. It has far greater characters and development, whereas the walking dead clumsily throws characters around into random repetitive story arcs and relies on sometimes pointless violence to keep viewers watching. A show like that can never compare to lost, which focuses on the characters individually rather than stupidly throw them around. Lost keeps its viewers watching because of the characters, not because of violence. The mystery of the island is another factor that will no doubt keep fans watching. I'm not saying that lost is perfect because it's DEFINITELY not. But a show like The Walking Dead can't hold a finger to the fantastic storytelling that Lost has.

  • Lost is much better than Walking Dead

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  • Yes It is better

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  • Walking dead is crap

    Lost is incredible, it has an amazing story, amazing characters, and can make you happy, scared, or sad within a few seconds, however, The Walking Dead is the most overrated thing on television, terrible characters, zombies that can somehow rip through a horses stomach using only their fingers, the most cliche story ever, and the most annoying characters to ever be in a TV show, Lost is a peace of art, and The Walking Dead is not

  • Lost is miles better

    The lost is better because of several reasons which I will state.The first is the acting is corny,its actually real people with realistic personalities,the walking dead is so phoney its laughable,they're in metro Atlanta,and there's almost no southern accent,and the people are so generic, there's no main plots ,its either find place to live fight other humans or run into zombies,

  • Lost is friggen AMAZING!

    I watched Lost after it had ended, so it was all on netflix. I watched all of the episodes in seasons 1-6 in less than a month and a half. I know that is a lot of watching tv, but I was hooked! I never got hooked on The Walking Dead. Lost has a better plot line, and it is more interesting. It leaves you on edge and chomping at the bit to see the next episode!

  • I prefer walking dead.

    I am simply more interested in the story about a zombie appcolaspe. I could never really get into lost. I don't think it was a bad show, obviously it had a huge following, but it was not better than walking dead.
    It is kind of hard to out do zombies.

  • Lost...Lost most of its steam!

    WALKING DEAD...Intense,gruesome only got better as the show progressed (with a few exceptions) ..LOST....Started great had intrigue, mystery and suspense.All that slowly gave way to aggravation, confusion and annoyance toward the end..I've talked to many different people about what it all meant, and I seem to get several different(sometimes contradicting) views.

    Posted by: rja7
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  • Lost was interesting during the first three seasons, then eeeehmmm.... The Walking Dead is so unpredictible it got me hooked

    I understand Lost fans, it was an original and different series in its time, however, in my opinion The Walking Dead is by far better than Lost. You will never guess which character is going to die, or what will happen in the next seasons to come. In Lost it was either an experiment or they where all dead, all the plot revolved around these two options.

  • Numbers never lie.

    There is a reason why the walking dead is not only the most popular show to ever air on amc, but also on TV in general guys. Also lost got all our hopes up with theories and made us think we were smart, then the show went all sci-go and didn't make any sense. Also the walking deads character development is amazing, I mean just look at Carroll...

  • Lost isn't even an average show at best.

    Lost is so popular because it made the audience think that they are intelligent by trying to figure out a plot that had no planning or message just random ideas thrown in and then they tried to make it all work It was ridiculous. Yeah it changed television for a few years but all the shows it inspired where terrible because lost was terrible. The first season of the walking dead sucked but the third season is awesome. The idea that the walking dead is unoriginal because it has zombies is ridiculous it's not about zombies it's about people enduring the worst possible things that can happen to them and how it changes them. It's not a zombie show it's a character drama.

  • The Walking Dead has a more elaborate plan down the road

    Lost's first two seasons, and even the third, were incredibly rich with characters and story. But, over time it became clear that Lost was about shocking it's audience rather than just telling it's story. While the Walking Dead certainly has.It's shocking moments, it's telling the same story it was telling from the very first season... Survival. But, over time, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that it's also a story about civilization. It was always about the man, Rick, who was going to rebuild humanity.

  • Lost went into left field with its story line

    No, The Walking Dead is definitely better than Lost. During the later seasons of Lost the story took a sci-fi turn that did not fit into the original story. The Walking Dead started with and continued on the avenue of the story around, just as the title portrays, The Walking Dead. There were more avenues of approach to expanding on The Walking Dead then that of Lost.

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