• yes, Love is a choice.

    If Love wasn't a choice then that would make all parents, siblings, man-wife marriages and close friends liars because they don't feel to love the others. They love by choice. The actions, sacrifices self-willingness, and things they do show that they love the other person. Despite the fact that yes, those specifics that I mentioned make mistakes because that is their very nature as well as mine, but that does not mean one does not love. Feelings come with marriage more than anything that is great for them! Not for dating/courting couples, although those feelings will be there does not mean that you rally love them could really be simply "blind-love" as they call it now a days.. Love is a choice not a feeling, not an emotion and not anything sexual (unless its in marriage between a man and a woman).

  • Love is not a feeling.

    My opinion is solely based from being a Christian and the definition of Love from the bible. It tells what is love and what is not love. I just look at humans here on earth and have observed how we distort and twist words, actions and justified to the point of 'Right is wrong' and 'Wrong is right'.

  • It's an emotion you choose to build a little every day.

    Love is a selfless choice/act. Love has many faces but it shines through compassion. Compassion comes from wisdom, humbleness and belonging. Belonging to life as a whole. I am him and he is me. A connection through empathy.
    If you want to call it love you must have compassion in your mind and heart. Compassion is a choice you build and strengthen in your heart as an emotion. Love is not a blind feeling. A blind feeling is your human animal talking to you through you chemistry. Is you craving of fries, your good feeling when you eat them even when you know they are bad for you. You don't love fries, because there is no compassion for fries.
    Sex is a wonderful thing but it's not love. Comparing love with sex is like comparing oranges with apples. Many are those who mix the two. Sex just a physical human feature that because is so powerful for us that some decided to share it with those we choose to love. Others call love to intense sexual attractions. It is possible to see this if we, for a moment, stop being actors in the role of life and become impartial observers.

  • True love is a choice.

    And it can exist whether the feeling is there or not. While the happy feelings are very important in keeping us together, the actions we choose to do every day is what really counts. A kiss on the cheek, surprising them with dinner, listening to their little issues; this is what makes it love. These actions easiest with an infatuated feeling, but it's not always necessary.

    There will be times when we just don't FEEL it. Imagine a couple who had a huge argument, or maybe they simply aren't having a good day. They might not FEEL loving toward each other at all (it's okay--sometimes our anger takes over). But they can still make the decision to treat each other well and put their partners needs ahead of their own. On the other hand, one could claim to FEEL love, yet not lift a finger to help me when I need them. Which would you rather have?

    Love and infatuation are two very different things. I want a relationship where we choose to support each other; the happy feelings will stem from that quicker than ever, and stay much longer. Someone who doesn't put in effort yet claims to love has no place in my heart.

  • But it's also a feeling

    All things work together. If you pay close attention to your feelings, what you are thinking, tone of voice in your thoughts, visual and other things in your thoughts, what those thoughts relate to, and if you think about how your thoughts work together as a system you can potentially effect and change your own feelings. Monks have taught about how to do this for years and is what meditation leads to with enough practice. So it's chooseable but you must learn how first.

  • Lance singleton jr

    Have you ever noticed that when you’re around someone who is upset, you feel upset too? Or when someone is angry, you begin to shake and your cheeks grow hot as you try to control your own anger? One of the gifts of high sensitivity is our ability to be acutely aware of other people’s feelings and to respond to those feelings with empathy and compassion. But it can be a challenge too, as we not only notice others’ feelings, but take them on as our own.
    Most of what we take on emotionally from other people is subconscious and involuntary. While we can, and often do, choose to be sympathetic listeners and loyal allies, our sensitive nervous systems are built for absorbing much more sensory and emotional information than the average person. What this means is that when another person, or people, are expressing their emotions, whether verbally or through nonverbal communication, we absorb those feelings like a sponge dropped into an overflowing bathtub.

    Although we are often aware that we are feeling something such as anger, sadness or stress, we are not always aware of where those feelings are coming from. Even if someone is denying that they are feeling hurt, we can feel it. The difficulty comes when it’s unclear who those feelings belong to. We may be sensitive, but we are not psychic. We are aware of feelings, but we can’t read minds. So if we are feeling something, we assume it must be ours. Since HSPs tend to wear their heart on their sleeve, we appear to be the most anxious, angry or distraught person in the room. Other people may ask why we are so upset and tend to view us as overly emotional, irrational or unstable because this emotional display seemed to have come out of nowhere. And then we feel bad about ourselves because we are feeling bad.

    Consequently, we react in one of two ways: Some people let the feelings and the accompanying guilt wear away at their self-esteem like waves crashing on a rock as we succumb to the weight of such strong emotions, feeling increasingly like a helpless victim. Others go on a mission to fix themselves, believing that they must be flawed to be feeling so badly.

  • Love is your own choice

    I believe that love is a choice because this is your life why would you live someone else's life. Our parents have already lived,enjoyed and experienced their lives and now it is your turn. You must choice who you want to love and be with. This can also come under same sex marriages

  • Yes love is a choice you make you dont need to love others compulsory

    Every one don't need to love others it is their choice whether
    to love or not because love is a choice. People don't fall in love they grow in love. You have feelings for others when u make a choice to love that person. So it is ur choice to love a person.

  • Love is a choice.

    Love is patient and kind. I believe that one has the free will to choose these characteristics. If a husband or wife treats their spouse rudely then he or she doesn't really love them. Being a loving person is a choice and my appeal is to the free will. If you don't believe that you have free will then that is where we disagree. Choose to be loving.

  • Lasting Love is a Choice

    My parents and grandparents did not stay together for 20+ years because of some feeling or emotions. They had to actively choose to stay together- especially when the going was tough. Whilst love is also a feeling you can't fall in love with someone you don't want to. Unless you are in a destructive relationship or you are mentally ill. You begin by choosing who you date or even who you talk to. If you choose not to talk to or grow close to someone, you are already eliminating them as a potential partner. Love at first sight does not exist. Only attraction or infatuation does. Real love needs to be nurtured and it is not easy. If you completely rely on something as easily swayed as feelings, then you are setting your relationship up to fall. Whilst your feelings might temporarily be able to give you the sensation of love, if you don't choose to actively pursue that feeling in your mind, then you have never even reached the starting line. With love you have to think- it is not mindless. Just the pure emotion of 'love'- without thought- is selfish and based on gratification because in order to be selfless you have to think. Selflessness is a choice you make to put another person above your own needs. Nobody wants a selfish partner because selflessness is a part of true love.

  • I don't think the distinction is real

    I believe that love is a feeling, however, I completely reject the notion that our emotions are somehow beyond our ability to control. This is an excuse people use to justify inappropriate behavior without accepting personal responsibility. You can decide to be miserable, you can decide to be happy. Just the same you can decide to be miserable or happy with someone specific. If we can't choose how to feel about something, I would doubt that free will exists at all.

  • I believe that love is a feeling.

    Couples marry because they love each other and had FELT love at first, obvious. This is just my opinion, and this is what I believe love is. I dont think feeling love is a selfish thing, because if you actually feel love for someone, you would want to bring that love to action, such as caring for them, showing that you love them, you wouldnt want to hurt them, etc. But, if someone only cared about their feelings and themselves more than their partner`s, then I dont think that they ever LOVED their partner. If you really feel love for this person then you would not want to care about your own feeling, but care about your partner`s feeling. Therefore, by doing that you bring that into action because you would want your partner to know that they are being loved and cared for, you would want to make sure that they are feeling loved by you. Your partner would do the same to you if they really love you, and you will also be able to feel love coming from them and feel loved. So, by keep giving each other their love, I think the both people should be able to keep the feeling going. I dont know how you can choose to love, without having any feelings. Feelings that make you want to do anything for your partner. I, just me, believe that feeling can go forever.

  • Love is a feeling, what you do with it is your choice.

    You can love someone and not act upon it, you can love someone and let them go or you can love someone and stay with them forever. The feeling can't be chosen, you can't decide to love someone. But once you feel it, you need to decide what to do with it. Love is the feeling. What you do with your love is all your choice.

  • A choice is also a feeling.

    Everyone must have undergone such a situation. When you are answering a question, you think that it is logically correct, and you feel that you are absolutely correct, but then when when you are told that you are wrong and you missed something in your logic, you feel ridiculous about your previous logic. Feeling of being logically correct is also a feeling, if you don't think so, then next time when you think you are correct, feel what you are actually feeling that moment.

    A choice is also a feeling. When you make a decision, you either trust your guts or you make a decision tree and do some logical thinking. But then you have to know that decision trees and logic are not absolutely encompassing everything that affects the choice. So in other words, it is simply your feeling in a more organised presentation of what you want. When it comes to love, logic just don't work well as you are using logic to assess long-term feeling about a relationship. So, a choice is a sub-set of a feeling.

    Well, it would always be better to think love logically and intuitively before you accept it, but for this topic, love is definitely a feeling more than a choice.

  • Love chooses us, not the other way around.

    No one consciously decides "I will love you!" that creates, at best, infatuation or mild fondness. Love is something that simply happens because something in another person meshes well with something in you. What you DO with that love IS up to you, however. You can choose to pursue it, ignore it, or attempt to change it..But the original feeling is always spontaneous.

  • Love is not a choice.

    You cannot choose who you fall in love with. It is a feeling that develops over time. Sometimes it is within a short amount of time, while other times it takes more time to develop. There are also different types of love but no matter what type it is, you cannot choose whether or not to love someone else. This is why when someone you love does or says something wrong to you, it hurts. When someone becomes heartbroken because of these actions, it physically hurts. It feels like someone ripped out part of your chest.

  • It's a feeling

    The choice comes regarding whether you choose to act upon it or not. Love and all other emotions are things we feel whether we want to or not. But, like we choose whether we're going to punch somebody we hate in the face or just internally dislike them, we choose if we're just going to feel love for somebody or ask them on a date.

  • Love is more than a choice.

    You can't choose to stop loving someone. Likewise, you can't choose who you love either.
    No matter how much you deny it, how much to neglect those feelings inside of you, you just can't help it. Love is much much more than that, and a lot more complicated. Feelings are complicated, love is a feeling.

  • Love is not a choice

    Love is not a choice, you cannot choice who you fall in love with, the heart want what the heart wants. Like If someone you love brakes your heart you'll still love them, you cannot just turn love off. Just like you cannot make yourself love someone you don't. Love is an emotional attachment to another person and you cannot control that.

  • You cant choose to love someone

    You love who you love i think that it is a choice to follow through with your feelings. You cant just choose to feel you just do when your dog dies you don't choose to feel sad you do feel sad but you can choose how to act after that i think that if love were a choice we wouldent choose to be in toxic relationships if you can choose to love then why wouldent you just choose not to love them anymore when things get tough. If you stay with someone after they hurt you your not staying because you chose to love them your staying because you cant let go of the feeling of love you have for them.

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nadeauMT3 says2016-06-13T20:15:48.983
Love is a choice, yes. But love, is also a feeling. Most importantly love is a feeling, this is fact. Love is the feeling lust is the emotion. There is no way around either. Now what you do with that love is on you. Likewise it's your choice to love or not to love. Neither is right or wrong. Understand first in order to love you must be love. God is Love you are God.