• Love is an illusion

    Love is an illusion, Its a trick of the mind. Love isn’t real, It’s just something we tell ourselves so we feel less alone, Or it could just be that the thought of having a family of your own makes you excited of what the future might bring, But people need to grow up and stop pretending, Because it’s not real and you all have to get over it.

  • Love makes us a automatic robot

    In the beginning both have lust and that tingly feeling of being wanted by some special person. Although the human race is a social being and needs to be around people. Therefore this "love" makes us an automatic robot that makes ud say i "i love you" and that last goodbye kiss before you go out the door for work. Love creates a rhythm for us and we do it everyday until it becomes automatic for us. Funny thing is, we can't help it. Human beings needs someone or we will begin to feel lost and depressed. Funny, right? Love is automatic. Surely you can "love", more like like someone in a period, but when you get used to this surrounding it turns us all into automatic robots with the rhythm of saying "i love you" before night and that last kiss goodbye.

  • She love you but not unconditionally like the story of the Shakespeare.

    First is make you mad. Then gradually it makes you how big fool you are when you are telling how great is the love. But at last it is transparent like glass. Then you think why i did this. I am a fool to love someone.
    Love is the other name of pain

  • It's about YOUR needs.

    When you fall in "love" with someone it is because that person fills needs that YOU have (which are rooted in biology- even emotion is a chemical response). Ultimately love is a selfish emotional need and not something one does for someone else though we try to pretend another comes first. It's about your good feelings after all. They may make you feel terrible some day and you may cling to them but only because you have formed a dependence, once again rooted in your own needs.

  • Theres no such thing as love

    Love is an illusion. People are meant to die alone and that's that. People love to play mind tricks then turn around just to tear u in to pieces and break your heart. They say it will come when your ready, but tbh.......Its all bullshit, not everyone will have a soulmate or life partner. That's that

  • Love Is Nothin But An Illusion!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all know for a fact dat everythin we feel, smell, hear come from our brain. Love is just wat we want to feel towards another person. We are made to believe dat love is a feelin in our heart, wen in fact, it is nothin but wat comes from the brain. As once said "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only thru the thought of friendship, can we create a moment dat we're not alone"

  • Love is an illusion because it is all about perception

    We attach values to the events that occur in our everyday life and so it is the same with love. We see actions and we attribute them to love because they make us feel a certain way. All emotions are attributed to the value given to every situation or person that has participated in that event. Therefore, love is an idea in our minds and is therefore an illusion.

  • LoVe iS aN iLLuSioN

    You feel love through the process of suggestion, just like you itch you head when lice is mentioned. If love were not such a huge topic in out everyday life, we would hardly feel the emotion at all. You can claim to have feelings of "love" for inanimate objects, and that goes to show that, no matter how many times you claim to be in love, it is merely an illusion created by your brain.

  • Psychologically, love is an illusion

    Everything you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste are all neural creations of you mind. The brain senses the world indirectly
    It senses the world through a translated language that it understands — neural messages. If I look at someone, their looks is what my brain created, not what they truly look like. So, I cannot fall in "love" with a person through looks, making the "love at first sight" invalid.
    We require this transforming and imagining to love, we make the person desirable in our brains.
    Love is an illusion, because the brain interperpates everything in the way it likes it, not in the real way. I cannot feel love because what I am truly feeling is the illusion of desire that our brain created for the other person. It's this sense, that we create to make us feel better about ourselves - because we don't want to face reality. We want to avoid the fact that life is not this jolly positive world.

    U Sawada, J. F. De la Frére

  • Without a modicum of doubt love is an ILLUSION

    The ultimate purpose of human being is to breed and have children and continuing the next generation. Everything in our life is geared towards that goal. The survival of species is the ultimate quest in all living creatures. It’s biological, it’s instinctive, it’s in our Will, something which is beyond our conscious control.
    Falling in love is a ‘blind biological urge’ in us – love is basically an illusion which pull men and women together. Love in our mind is magical, sweet, sensational and is a symbol of happiness. But little did we know that these emotions come together with Love as a whole ‘package’. When human are able to derive positive emotions out of something, we gain satisfaction. And this satisfaction is what keep our desire alive. It’s instinctive, and we are basically slaves to our own instinct and desire. This gave me a little idea that human are not 100% rational and logical as we would like to believe in ourselves.

  • Love is not an emotion it is an action(s), doing things that you don't necessarily want to do for other people. Because you love them.

    That funny feeling we get when we meet somebody, when you can't stop thinking about them and feel all giddy and happy? That's typically lust. It feels very good and can last for a while but it typically never last forever. And as humans, we cycle in and out of that feeling. It's a chemical reaction. And because it goes away and we get addicted to that feeling we think we are falling out of love and it's time to move on. That's why you see so many divorces. It's no longer special or thrilling. It seems more like work. It's emotional and it's selfish.

    Real love is not an emotion it's the things that you do for people you both like and hopefully don't like. Even when it means doing things you definitely don't like to do. It's something you do whether you're happy or sad or mad or hurt or lost. You do it because it's what you do. Not because of what you feel.

    Picture the love of a mother whose heart is breaking because her kids want to pull away and maybe go live somewhere else and go have their own lives. It's what they're supposed to do and part of what being a parent is. Her heart wants them to stay. And it breaks when they leave. And it may break for months and even years later. But she loves them and she knows that she needs to let them go.

    Or the husband who takes care of the wife who can't take care of herself anymore. Or the person who reaches out to a stranger that's hurting just to try to comfort them. Or reaching out to love another human being by providing them food or shelter.

    None of that is an emotion it's things that we do because we know it's the right thing to do and because we love them. Or we want to learn what love is. No matter what our feelings are.

  • It is real in our heads so it is real in our hearts

    Everyone knows you can't touch love. But you know it's there. If we wouldn't believe it was there why would we wanna live? Maybe it's not a thing you can't keep in a box and take out whenever you want, but just because it's in your head and heart doesn't make it less real. Love is a lovely thought.

    I don't want to believe that love is an illusion. It seems very bitter.

  • Life's a delusion, love is a dream.

    The ego, and all that supports the ego I.E., love, sense of self and superiority is a reference point for consciousness...We navigate through a complex world by our sense of self. It is a very baroque and complicated system and , through the the subconscious, leaves room for subjective interpretation but it is the imagination that creates a the feeling of love.

  • The illusion we have of what love is irrefutably wrong, but love itself is not.

    Love is a chemical reaction in the brain, but so is every other emotion we feel. Thus saying that love is just a chemical reaction proves without a doubt that it does exist.

    The counter argument to this is that: yes, love exists, but it is not the all-powerful force we think it is. And I cannot really refute that, but think about this:

    Studies have found that people who have formed romantic, long-term, committed, emotional bonds with another person live up to 15% longer. And on the opposite side of things - when people lose someone they love, their body releases chemicals that significantly weaken their heart. This can lead to a fatal heart attack and is called Broken Heart Syndrome.

    Pretty intense for an illusion.

  • No, but romance can be.

    True love, whether for a friend, a lover/partner, a child, or someone else does exist. And when one meets a special person there can be that feeling of falling in love which is great. But getting caught up in the romance can lead one to make really stupid mistakes, so it's wise to keep one eye open till trust is earned with someone who is not one's child and sometimes even then.

  • It is an emotion

    Love is a feeling, not a hormone. When you have a '' crush'' on someone , it is the way you feel about them.( trust me, my friend has a crush ( so does he) on a midget and he likes her and we are only in fifth grade). So really love is a feeling.

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