Is love (family, friendship and maybe romance if you want it) the most important thing to have in the world?

Asked by: TheINFJNala
  • How could it not be?

    Where would we be without love? Think about it.

    Why do we pursue education?

    Do we do it for the good of society?

    Or do we do it for our own detriment or selfish desires?

    No, we should pursue education for the good of the world.

    Everything we do is out of love for the world.

  • Priorities in life

    I think dignity and health come before love for a lott of people. Also

    purpose of existance (religion) is the main priority for many,

    especially for someone who would belief in some form of afterlife...

    As some what of a response to the selfish desires comment, (and to complete 50 words) i dont

    understand how loving; interractions with other human beings is not

    selfish considering that it is one personal choice to love someone.

  • Humans are selfish.... In a good way for the most part ^^

    Love is not the most important thing in the world. I believe it's happiness. From happiness stem the virtues of freedom and safety. Such virtues come with exponential vices in the extremes. i.e. foolishness and apathy are freedom's vices, while fear and over-protectiveness are safety's vices. All other virtues and vices then lie within that spectrum.

    It explains why people fall out of love with one another. Why do we pursue education? To improve our standard of living. Why do we value family, friends, and romance? Because we're social creatures and to improve their happiness makes us happy, even if we have to sacrifice our short term happiness for their long term happiness.

    It also explains why people are cruel to each other. A starving man would steal food despite their love for their fellow man because his body is not satiated, and will degrade the man until the most basic needs are met. i.e. bread and circuses.

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