• It is a big lie

    All creators have this instinct that they must be with opposite gender and it is supported by strong chemicals. Reason is to preserve race and pass down DNA. That good feeling is a lie, Created to preserve one's race. Its is not something holy it is just a complete lie. It's like drugs, Addicting like small fire in middle of winter, People want that good feeling to forget what they are not, It is disgusting.

  • But of course.

    It is usually the human's weak point. They become easy to manipulate if you affect what they love and "can't live without". They are unable to give up what they love, even for what is right. Infatuation, vengeance, denial, unhealthy attachment, uncontrollable emotions, cowardice, false sense of comfort, and unreasonable actions. Those many of the effects of manipulating what they love.

  • Yes, love is quite foolish.

    I think saying love is foolish is actually being kind. Anyone who has watched someone who is "in love" can attest to certain behaviors and mannerisms that are quite foolish and, under normal circumstances, would quite probably embarrass the individual. People in love tend to make up silly names, they smile and giggle a lot, and they buy silly stuffed animals. Then they get married and sooner or later end up divorced and enemies, regretting the day they ever met.

  • It is foolish

    Love is very foolish. It causes you to act irrationally and make blind decision without much thought behind them. It causes you to behave in ways you never would of dreamed of previously. If you love someone, you'll do almost anything. It's foolish, but that is also the beauty of love.

  • No it is respectable

    I think that love is respectable because love is love and when you love someone you should fall in love with them together ok and no I think that if you love someone you should respect them and they will love you ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • It just depeneds.

    If you love someone who is right for you, Then it's respectable. Otherwise, It can be foolish. Fdsu gusdu igfjhi jfhfgo fgdushi ghgi dfie hi aiwehiahda idsahdsi fhdfsigha disgmi nfnfi gifgi jdsfhee ifsgrhifrsehie iehihfesaiefi ofrgfdjoo ofjhgofjgofjgpo ogdfjgofgo vjikbhsdfihi jwana wnawqqa dfishfihefi fishfisfhifhe oefrjhiehe iehfriherfihrsgi iedhfiehfi ifehfihi ifhifehfi qaaaaa wsxza aswdfda

  • If you love someone you should respect them.

    When you are in a relationship you should always be honest and tell the other person how you feel and always respect them. If you don't respect the person whom you are in relationship with then your relationship with work out. You don't have to get along all of time, don't get me wrong that isn't what I am saying, but respect i key to a healthy relationship. You need to respect someone to have a happy relationship. If I didn't respect my boyfriend I wouldn't be near as happy with him as I am, hell he'd probably break up with me. I know that if we didn't respect each other then there would be no relationship. I love him to Pluto and back 20 billion times. I would take a thousand bullets for him, and without respect I wouldn't feel this way about him. So, in my opinion you need to respect you significant other.

  • No, love is not foolish.

    Some people do act like fools when in love or when they think they are in love, but love itself is not foolish. Love is, in general, a good thing that increases mood and give you a partner and friend to spend time with and confide in. Love is usually respectable.

  • A good thing

    I think that love is the greatest thing that is on this earth, and I think that through love a person can reach a true happy point. There is nothing foolish about love, and you will need it in your life to truly be a successful person in your life.

  • Love is what makes life worth living.

    No, love is not foolish, because love is what we stay alive for. There is no point to getting up in the morning and doing chores and going about our work, if we do not have relationships with other people. Showing love and encouragement to others is the meaning of life, the point of life, and what makes life worth living. The greatest of these is love.

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jleif9731 says2018-04-29T18:58:19.923
It might be true all of it. Great information, bit that trudog video was disgusting!!!

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