Is love real or is our dependence on another human being that vital to our lives?

Asked by: l_alvaro
  • Yes and No

    Love is often describe as an great feeling of affection, or of an deep romantic attachment. However in modern days it is thrown around as an greeting or as an placement as "lol" and "Like" are use. Love is an gender less chemical that is generated in our brain, and yes it does enhance out dependence on someone or "something" . However It is not vital to our life's, we just think that. Look no further than to our ancestors when marriage was based off of an partnership, an contract. Love was not common, and it wasn't needed. However now with freedom of expression, and the ability to choose whom we may not only lay with, but also whom we bind ourselves to. This has become an prevalent problem because now this love is multiplied and is often the leading cause of divorce. True love does not simply quit after one or two bad things, or even after many. Its an prevalent and festering emotion that grows with every struggle, and that is why it is real, yet most people will never feel this because they prefer physical love (the admiration of an physical object, such as bodies especially the female forum, that is for men and Lesbians), and mental love is forgotten (the love of someone for whom they are, and not who they appear to be, the true love of an personality, the love of an person not an body) That is our problem with Love

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