• Yes hes good

    Yes hes good Lucifer is the real god. The one in the bible called Jesus is tricking you to believe in him. Lucifer is the true creator. Jesus is the Illuminati don't believe in him hes evil. Don't believe in those brainwash Jesus followers Lucifer needs your help from this.

  • This is obvious

    God created starvation, School shooters, And child molesters. Lucifer was banished to hell because he was pure. Modern christianity is obviously a trick meant to make people believe in all that is evil. All churches claim to be good and righteous yet the problems of the world never are solved, Even in a country where 90% of people "worship" god. It's obvious this is a trick by "god" who is actually the devil against Lucifer who is pure.

  • According the text of the bible itself, Lucifer was the good guy and God was the evil one.

    https://sguforums. Com/index. Php? Topic=20959. 0

    go into this forum to know which is right in Noah's ark which thought to be GOD IS FORGIVING but WHY! He killed more than you think why did you think he is forgiving HE DIDN'T FORGIVE THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL A FORGIVING GOD DESPITE ALL THE SINS THEY'VE MADE!

  • Lucifer is not the devil you imagined but the god you can never expect hidden and profound with lies by your GOD

    Lucifer is considered good, The blame on him is wrong your god made him look evil and a devil in truth he is just helping us Jesus may created us but Lucifer is the one who even tried to help us even more than he can do, Always remember the saying don't judge a book by it's cover your god may be good in the outside but hides a dark secret that no one can see, While Lucifer saw the truth behind it while your god accuse him on being wrong, To prevent what secret it holds, Lucifer tried to offer knowledge, Truth, Even power while your GOD offer lies. . . . . . . .

  • Lucifer is good

    God kills and makes you suffer. He doesn't answer prayers to live, When you pray, You die. Lucifer will help you live a good life, He will accept you forever. When has god ever accepted everyone completely for who they are? Lucifer is the one and only true god almighty.

  • Yes, Lucifer's good! :)

    Lucifer's good, He's the light bearer, The darkness is sleeping and waking, The watery abyss, And eating & black magic, Remain anti-christian, Christianity's lies, Lucifer's truth, He even saves the planet and loves the arts and sciences. Christians might think the darkness is bad but it's not, The darkness is a freshening up, Like deep water, If a wolf is hungry it eats, Therefore make like a wolf.

  • Lucifer told the truth

    The snake (Lucifer) gave Adam and eve knowledge of self while ''god'' damned them for it. What kind of person would punish someone for receiving knowledge. Also your god had a child with a 14 y/o and drowned millions of our ancestors. Sounds like your god is a devil and Lucifer is actually here helping people while your begging that pedophile/murderer with prayers that usually don't get answered.

  • Lucifer, the first rebel in all of Creation

    If we are to believe that the story of Genesis is true, than God may have created us in the flesh but Lucifer created of our nature. Our nature to question, to disobey, to disagree, to analyze, to look in our own interests, to become better by our own devices. God gave us floods, plagues, Hell, death, and self-righteous idiots to dictate to us in his name. Lucifer gave us the blade, magic, enlightenment, desire, self-awareness, empires, progress, and basically everything that's against Christianity. While Christians gave us the Middle Ages, deviating from this disgusting religion gave us the renaissance, the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, secularism, rule of law, democracy, philosophy, etc. And if Lucifer is the adversary to God, he serves as a metaphor of humanity's resistance to ignorance and submission.

  • Lucifer father of lies

    Also called the destroyer,the deciever, is this what we see in our culture imbrace everything opposite of what god has commanded.Lucifer indeed has caused much confusion between right and wrong which is his way of causing chaos evil sin. To deny almighty god is to support Satan. When we are called there will be no debate that we made a mistake,so seek the absolute truth now with all you heart to know, do not be deceived ask Jesus to come into your life be prepared to have love and forgiveness and truth be known if you truly seek! And brave enough to go against the world and its ever changing ways .Romans 10:9

  • In the King James version, (KJV), of Christianity Lucifer is considered evil.

    The name Lucifer is only mentioned once in the Old Testament in Isaiah 14:12 which was actually translated from the name Heylel, meaning the morning star, shinning one and for the planet Venus. This Heylel, also known as Attar, was a lesser god in Canaanite mythology who tried to usurp the throne of the dead god Baal, or El, who lived on a mountain to the north and fell short of being adequate enough to hold the position and then took control of the underworld.

    Isaiah in 14:12 is using the Canaanite mythology of the Morning Star to represent the King of Babylon, who is oppressing the Israelites, as trying to take control of Gods throne and rule all nations. He then uses the inadequate attempt of Heylels attempt of taking control of the throne and states that the King will be brought down to Sheol or underworld as punishment.

    Lucifer, Heylel, morning star or what ever he is called was derived from the Canaanite beliefs of two gods fighting over a throne on a mountain top. So to actually call one or the other bad or good only comes down to which one, one choses to worship. Lucifer only becomes evil when the KJV substitutes Lucifer as a fallen angel instead of a god, for Satan which was known as the obstructer or one who opposes.

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