• Eyyy, what are the chances of that happening, amirite?

    In a more practical sense, yeah, I believe luck is a thing. I mean winning the lottery ticket has a real low chance of happening right? Well if you were to win that said lottery ticket despite the very low chances of that happening, would you say you were lucky? What I'm trying to say here is that the chances of something happening, whether its low or high, can be a form of good or bad luck depending on the situation.

  • I think luck is real.

    I guess whether or not you believe
    on luck depends on your beliefs and your personal perspective. There are things that happen in this life
    that are beyond our control and hard to explain. Some people call this serendipity, some call
    it god, and some call it luck. When things
    mysteriously go my way, I tend to call it luck.

  • It is not real.

    Luck is not real. It is just a way to explain why things happen the way they do. Most of the time is not because of luck but maybe years of practice at a sport or why some one actually got the lottery number right twice. It just a lazy way of explaining what happened.

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