• Yes, Luis Suarez is better than Wayne Rooney.

    For many reasons, Suarez is a better all around player than Wayne Rooney. First of all, Suarez was able to lead his Uruguayan national team to the semi-finals of the world cup. Rooney has only had failures in World Cups. Suarez is a better all around player. He has great individual dribbling skills and is a better passer than Rooney.

  • Emperors new clothes

    Ever since,Wayne Rooney scored that eye catching goal against Arsenal all those years ago,when he was a teenager, there has been a media driven obsession with him. The blindfolded, introverted, rose tinted spec wearing great & good of the English game, along with certain hysterical sections of the footballing press, have created an auror around Mr Rooney. So much, to the extent, if you question his abilities, you are instantly dismissed as some kind of idiot. The myth & legend,that has been created around this player really is akin to the fairy tail of the Emperors new clothes. If you stand out & say the guy isn't wearing any clothes, you can expect to be ridiculed. The fact is, Wayne Rooney is a decent player, but he is no wear as good as he is hyped up to be. He is not even in the same ball park as the likes of Lionel Messi,Ronaldo, Robin Van Percie or Luis Suarez. Yes, he can pull off a few tricks against the likes of Norwich or West Brom, but on the national stage or against the big guns in the champions league he is always left found wanting. The thing that constantly amazes me, is the ever lasting endurance of the spell that he holds sway over most people in this country( not the rest if the world, I hasten to add), he has let England down time & time again in major competitions. Yet still, despite his many failures, somehow his appalling track record in the big tournaments is air brushed over by the hardcore,dogged ideologists. I love my football, country & team, I would love to see England progress further in the World Cup, I fear however we will be home in time for Wimbledon. I think this attitude of Rooney at all costs, which we know is driven by the FA,is a negative which causes problems & unrest in the team. In the last European championships, England played well in the first two games, but as soon as Rooney was fit ( not), he was instantly shoe horned into the side for the last game, which we lost & Rooney was conspicuous by his own absence . I remember that game against Italy, you could visibly see the team were effected by the changes forced upon them. It's high time this obsession at all costs with Wayne Rooney was cut short in it's tracks. He is not the messiah, he's not even Brian I suspect.

  • No. Wayne Rooney is the better player.

    No. I feel that Wayne Rooney is the better player, and the better man. Wayne Rooney has set records by scoring in every premiere league match. Luis Suarez on the other hand, has had so many issues off of the field, that it over shadows his talents on the field.

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