Is Lutheranism inheriently a strict, despotic religion?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Many Lutheran countires have committed horrible atrocities and oppressed other ands

    Let's see.
    Denmark -- oppressed the Greenlanders for years and years
    Sweden -- had a violent empire against Finns. Ever wonder why Finns join the Nazis? Because FInns were abused by the Swedes.

    The KKK -- while the South had a hotbed of Klan activity, the second biggest hotbed for Klan activity were two Lutheran states -- the Dakotas.

    List goes on an on. And while I don't agree with the Catholic Church, Lutheranism is perhaps even worse.

  • No, not in certain forms.

    As with all Protestant denominations, there are many forms of the Lutheran church. Some are old school and restrictive, while others are more inclusive and accept gay marriage and many other contemporary ideas. So one can not say that there is one Lutheran church that is strict and despotic and oppressive.

  • There is no direct link.

    In order to prove that Lutheranism is a despotic religion you must connect something in Lutheran beliefs to the alleged atrocities that you mentioned (I honestly don't know much about them). People of all religions and sects have done terrible things at one time or another. That does not mean that the belief system is bad, as they may not have been adhering to it.

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