Is L'Wren Scott's apparent suicide a result of her "losing face" with her many followers due to financial issues?

  • L'Wren Scott's apparent suicide

    L'Wren Scott's apparent suicide is a result of her "losing face" with her many followers due to financial issues she probably already had some type of depression to begin with and then the failure of her career pushed her over the edge. She should have realized that money isn't everything and just tried to pull through and start over.

  • Yes, Scott's Suicide Was Caused by "Losing Face"

    L 'Wren' Scott's apparent suicide was caused by her looming debt and the fact that her appearance to others was so critical that she couldn't bear to face people any longer. Many interviews with friends indicate that she felt everything in her life had to be perfect. Apparently Jagger had already bailed her out with millions of dollars previously, and with over five million in debt, she just couldn't handle it.

  • It is mental illness.

    No, L'Wren Scott's apparent suicide is not a result of her losing face with her many followers due to financial issues, because she had mental health issues. No one commits suicide because of bad circumstances alone. Rather she had personal struggles with mental illness over many years that finally got the best of her.

  • Much More To It

    I believe the apparent suicide of L 'Wren Scott has more to it than her "losing face" with followers due to financial issues. People choose suicide for a variety of reasons and generally it's not just one thing, it's many. Sometimes the mounting pressures of the world are too much for some.

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