• A horrible art, but still an art

    Studies show that infants know how to lie at ages as young as 6 months, perhaps earlier. We seem to be born with the passion to lie for our own advantages. Some people struggle with lying just the same way as some people struggle with mathematics, or public speaking. I don't support the supervised education of lying, but there is a certain skill to it

  • Have You SEEN our Government?

    Seriously, look at the American government. If they don't have lying down to an art form, then nobody does. Humans are built on lying. Whether to your girl ("naw, that looks great on you") to save your own hide or when your friend is caught stealing something and you hop in to save them ("They were looking for my plastic alien. I swear"). Lying is as useful as it is dangerous. And when someone is really good at it, you can't help but watch in awe and giving them a high five later.

  • We use it in today's society

    In todays society we use lying to be a job, some people call it espionage some people call it spying on america or on others. But over all it all boils down to someone lying to someone else, as a recent college student i can say as already an executive of a business i know i have lied my way here thanks to the United States of america Navy Seals, my ROTC while in college at rose hulman and duke i can say that i learned the art of lying in a positive and meaningful way

  • Yes, it is.

    Seem like the flower in the grass, but be as the snake under it.

    Seem like the flower in the grass, but be as the snake under it.

    Seem like the flower in the grass, but be as the snake under it.

    Seem like the flower in the grass, but be as the snake under it.

  • Lying is a form of art

    A form of art that is nearly impossible to master and potentially fatal to fail at. And yet, since the beginning of man, lying has been a part of our existence. Lying can be used to conquer a nation, or to save a life. A well placed lie can tear apart a family or put a stop to a friends self destruction. There is so much good lying can do, but it is almost always put to use in ways that distort the art… A lie is like a painting. An artist who uses his brush only when he finds a need for quick cash will seldom create anything that can stand up to the ages; but a man who knows how to paint, a man who practices every second of every day, can create a piece of art so elaborate, so fantastic, that hundreds of years later all of humanity wonders at the beauty and depth of this ageless piece. They can’t help but study it and hope that one day, they too, can create such an elaborate work. Just as amateurs butcher the art of painting every day, creating such childish images as stickmen or an outline of a hand, so too does the average man or woman pervert the art of lying. They take whatever is at hand and use it for their own personal needs of that moment and that moment only, completely disregarding the endless possibilities that lay before them. Its like a child who is given an art set filled with crayons, markers, pencils and paints of every conceivable color; and the child takes the blue crayon and draws a house. There is so much potential ready to be drawn forth and formed into whatever you can imagine, and yet as a people we seldom do more than grab the “blue crayon”.

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