• It is wrong

    It's just plain wrong. Where in the bible does it say its ok to lie. Nowhere. Exactly! It is also shown in the 10 commandments to not lie to our parents and elders. Jesus also taught us to be truthful to ourselves. When Peter betrayed Jesus, in lying where does it lead him to. It leads him to repenting his sin of lying.

  • Yes it is

    I am studying philosophy and based on what I know ideas and topics are universal which means they have to uphold no matter what. So if a murder comes to your house to kill your friend you should tell him your friend is there ,but you should not let him die. So you can uphold the universal standard that should be met.

  • Lying is wrong

    Why mislead someone and live with that. No regrets live free and deal with life as it passes. Someone that lies will be found out eventually. People that lie teach thier children to lie by example. Yes we do lie to each other so we dont hurt someone, but that does not make it right

  • Yes, clearly it is

    Lying is wrong because through the withholding information from another person you are not allowing them to make their own decisions. You are taking control of another persons decision making process because you have decided that you deserve a more complete version of the truth than they do. Have you ever found out that you were lied to and felt happy about it?

  • Why lying is bad

    Lying is bad because if you lie there's a point in life which you will end up like a complete dumb ass. Why do you think god created us was it to lie or to tell the truth.Dont lie because when it comes to the day of judgement theres only one thing I can tell you. Good luck with what ever lie you have don't be a fool because you were spoiled don't be stupid because you don't know how to simply use youre brain .So stop the lying and stand up for the truth

  • Lying is morally wrong

    I think that lying is a bad practice and morally wrong but I also believe it to be one that can be alright in certain situations. I think that the world exists and runs on "little lies" and that is really not a big deal. Many people lie to keep the peace.

  • Lying is morally wrong.

    Although there might be some cases where lying is justified, in general it is morally wrong to conceal or misrepresent the truth. Lying is wrong because it seeks to deceive and take advantage of others. This is why most religions and moral codes of the world consider lying to be wrong.

  • By its nature

    Sometimes it is said that it is better to lie than to tell the truth in some cases, but the truth is what will set you free. Lying is a poor trait to have, and lying to another person, even if you think it's for their own good, should not be your decision to make. Everybody deserves honesty.

  • Depends on the circumstances.

    Lying is wrong no matter what if the intention behind the lie is selfish and malicious. However if the lie is to save life and limb, or if it has to do with military service, keeping secrets safe, such as the positions of your unit and army and all of the like, then it is not wrong.

  • Thou shalt not lie.

    Thou shalt not lie is in the 10 Commandments. Seems rather legit. No lying in court, you can get fired for lying, relationships or ruined because of lying, reputations can be destroyed because of lying. Lying is bad. There are very, very few exceptions. And they are few and very, very far between.

  • No I don't think it has to do with morals

    I do not think lying is morally wrong by itself. If you lie in order to directly harm another individual then yes you can make the case that is morally wrong. However lying itself could often be beneficial and help more than it hurts. Lying in general is not morally wrong.

  • Lying is not morally wrong.

    Lying is not morally wrong. There are certain situations in which we must lie and it should not be wrong. We lie to our children about Santa Claus at Christmas so everyone must lie at some point in their life. I think it is okay to lie as long as it does not harm anyone.

  • Not in all cases

    There are times that lying is better than telling the truth. When the truth can hurt somebody, a lie will make them feel good, and the overall outcome of either isn't of consequence, a lie can help. For instance, if somebody tried hard to give you a good present and you don't like it, is it really morally superior to say "this sucks" instead of "thank you, I love it?" In both cases you have the gift, in both cases they gave it to you, one they're happy, one they aren't. Smile!

  • Not inherently wrong, just coercive method of communication.

    Lying is not inherently wrong, any more than any other form of communication is wrong. Lying is inherently coercive and deceitful, and in a majority of cases deliberately giving false information is found to be morally wrong. The act itself, however, may be done for an enormous variety of reasons, and indeed human society could not function without at least some aspect of lying. Telling your best friend her baby looks adorable, instead of saying it looks like a chubby little rat, is still lying, but considering the intent(to not cause emotional harm) and the effect(not upsetting friend), most people would agree that this 'white' lie is morally permissible.

  • Not a clear question...

    It all depends on your intentions. If the gestapo knocked on your door and asked if you were hiding any Jews it would then be morally acceptable to lie, because of your intentions. Now if you stole a cookie and blamed it on your brother, that would not be morally acceptable, because your unjustly harming someone. It all depends on the scenario, but because the question was not very thorough I will have to say no because it can sometimes be morally alright.

  • Sometimes its not.

    I will agree sometimes lying is a very bad thing to do, BUT not all the time. Sometimes lying can end up being a good thing, maybe your lie can save some innocent persons life. A good example would be during WWII. During the Holocaust many Jews were persecuted and were murdered violently, but there were some good people there that hid the Jews away so they can be safe and if a Nazi would come to their house and search the place then ask you if you have seen any Jews, of course your response will be "No". That was lying but for good intentions so sometimes lying is a good thing.

  • No, Lying Is Not Morally Wrong

    While lying may be problematic and result in less trust between individuals, it is not objectively wrong in all cases. There are certainly times when it is moral and preferable to lie to someone, whether it is an attempt to make your lover feel better about herself or to tell that killer that you have not seen the person he is looking for. In the first instance, one need not lie (though it would be understandable and acceptable); one could simple make gentle, constructive criticisms, either at the time or later (after lying). Needlessly hurting someone is what would be morally wrong in these situations.

  • No, it isn't.

    There is no such thing as morally right or wrong, in a universal sense. Your morals may be different from my morals may be different from their morals. The tricky thing with morals is that they are subjective to the individual. Lying has its place and its purpose but is always a gamble between the gains should it succeed and the penalty of being caught.

  • Lying is helpful

    In order to protect those closest to us from pain we lie to hide a surprise birthday party or to stop them from finding out you ate the last piece of chocolate cake, Either or it is an evolutionary trait and if we weren't meant to we would we wouldn't do it

  • Lying isn't wrong

    I truly believe that lying isn't wrong. I feel no guilt or shame or wrongness when i do lie. Mind you most of my lies are for the bettering of my life or getting out of trouble (considering I'm in high school) and being a class clown i have become increasingly proficient in lying to the point where i could consider it an art. I believe that lying is not wrong.

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:37:53.597
I'm going to say it's amoral.