• Easy to understand layout.

    The layout of the Apple OS is easy to understand and use. The bottom toolbar with the icons is easily customizable for shortcuts to programs the user wants on there. The main part works like having a file open in Windows, it has tabs to click on for the user to go through the drop-down lists.

  • It simply works!

    I have had Windows-based machines for over 18 years. Apart from the glitches, bugs and sudden restarts, I've had to "recover," "de-bug," or even "re-install" my copy of Windows every 6-8 months. And don't even get me started on drivers going missing with no good reason and the registry that would require cleaning up every now and then to make sure that start-up time does not exceed a couple of minute.

    Mac does not have any of those issues probably because the software and hardware are designed to complement each other. Keeping your files organized is easier on a Mac and applications run faster. The UI is very user friendly. Even if you have never seen a computer chances are you can use a Mac the first time you come in contact with it, but if you want a Windows, you either need to take a crash course or play around for a few weeks before you can start using it. It's a matter of convince -- and of course convenience has a price tag.

  • It Is The Best Right Now

    Mac's operating system is the best right now. There is no disputing this. They took the crown when Windows decided to put out that joke of a product called Windows 8. Mac is the most user friendly and impressive operating system on the market right now. It is number one.

  • Mac is king

    Mac has perfected simplicity with incomparable efficiency and safety. Apple's operating systems combine the most technologically advanced hardware and software on the market which allows them to constantly set the bar in design and performance alike. Unlike PC, Mac is able to run PC based programs such as Microsoft Office Suite and is much more proficient in virus protection than the PC.

  • Yes, Mac is the best.

    Mac is user friendly, simple, and clean. It is also the most efficient with photo and video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut. Macs have a high working memory and are made so that they work easily these programs, making it the best operating system available to users.

  • Simplicity comes with restraints.

    Much like Apple's mobile OS, Mac OS X comes great simplicity as well as some tight restraints. Apple has a tendency to lock you into their products and in many ways force you to spend money. Also the prices of the few machines that run the OS are priced horrendously. Most of the world operates on PC's. There is a good reason for it.

  • What does it do better?

    These days for the most part we only use our computers for browsing the web and checking emails. These simple tasks can be completed with ease on a Mac and on Windows machines as well as some Linux computers. Macs don't have more software than Windows or have proprietary hardware either. Even more intensive tasks such as video-editing can be easily completed on most Windows computers. Macs can be a good choice for some people but in general they are no better than the competition.

  • NO!

    Anyone want to debate? There is no way Mac is the best OS.

    Hardware Choice- There is a wide range of PCs in the market for a buyer to choose from. Macs are limited in choice because they are all made by Apple. For example, if you are just using a computer for browsing the web and email, then a lower end PC is suitable. If you need a PC for gaming or programming, you can choose a higher end PC. There are no lower end Macs so someone who uses their computer for simple tasks would end up unnecessarily paying more. It is also easy to customize parts or build your own PC. (1) (2)

    Compatibility- More software is created for Windows, thus it has more compatibility. There is also a wide range of Mac software, but the range is significantly smaller. Just look at the software library for Windows at CNET, then look at the library for Mac. (3) This is extremely important for gamers, because many games are not compatible with a Mac.

    Customizabilty- Windows is so much easier to customize than a Mac. On Windows, you can change the desktop wallpaper, fonts, styles, themes, taskbar, and pretty much anything you want with third party themes.

    Keyboard Shortcuts- In any Windows application, you can access any menu with 2-3 keystrokes. With Mac apps you’re limited to the shortcuts chosen by the app developer. You can access any control or navigate windows with the keyboard.(5)

    Linux- Dual booting is extremely easy with a PC. You can install any Linux distribution and run it alongside Windows, or replace it. Linux distributions are free and easy to use. It is possible with Mac too but Linux is easier to install on a PC.

    Buying a Windows computer would be more cost efficient because of the wide range of hardware to choose from. It is also more compatible and customizable. The wide range of keyboard shortcuts are very efficient when navigating Windows.

    Linux and Windows are more customizable and have more software. Mac is overpriced and not better.

  • No

    No I do not think Mac is the best operating system right now. I have used it in the past and at that time, I found it very hard to use and navigate around. Things may have changed with it, but in the past I did not like it. The only other operating system I am familiar with is Windows and I prefer that one.

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Mac sucks like a sucker in a washbasin