• I prefer machines.

    Most reassons that machines are better than men are machines is make better assassins, Making better soldiers, Machines are better at murdering and killing, I prefer japanese machines over american men, I prefer chinese machines over british men, I prefer machine army over men army, And i prefer terminators over hitler and the nazis.

  • Pros of being machone

    Machines don't have deadly diseases, nor do they have many needs stopping them from doing what they want, plus they are not as vulnerable as humans are and dont have to worry about getting horrific deformities, and they can have as much intelligence that not even humans can easily acquire in order to know things. So being machine can change a persons life completely

  • No it is not.

    Machine does not have it's own thought process and unique emotions like man does. Man made machine, the machine is only capable of what the man allowed it to know and be able to do. In the end the man is obviously smarter and more powerful because they created something that works wonders.

  • Man makes machines.

    Man is better than machine because man makes machines. Machines are the product of the thoughts, ideas, and skill of man. Even once built, it takes mankind to repair and keep them. Without man there is no need for or use for machines and they would never have been built to begin with.

  • We can think

    Man is better than machine. Machines have a code that they HAVE to follow. Man doesn't. If a problem happens, man can think of a solution. A machine does not have that capability. Because of this code, machines are not as flexible in an assembly line or life as we men are

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Delucha says2013-06-20T03:53:38.047
Define "better"
dundre says2013-06-20T16:03:36.280
Efficient, prosperous, better capability, superior intellect. I apologize in advance for my tardiness; I will write something soon.
Quan says2013-06-20T17:29:07.837
Machines are better in certain aspects, but are nowhere near a functional replacement for humans. It will be interesting to see what happens if/when we develop a machine that surpasses us in every way. It stands to reason that such a machine could develop another machine that surpasses itself, and so on and so forth. We could witness an explosion in technological advances. Whether this would be to our benefit or our demise is still in question, too.