• Yes he is.

    Guys, how long have you seen Eminem on the top charts after "Not Afraid". Yeah? Yeah. Not even once. And about Mr. Mack rapping too slow, listen to Can't Hold Us, which unlike your so called 4/5 speed, it's actually quite fast. Face it, artists rise and fall. Eminem has fallen! Mack has risen.
    They will all fall one day...

    Thank you,

  • Macklemore is Better.

    Personally, none of Eminem's songs reached out to me like Macklemore's. Macklemore reaches out to common social issues and tries to connect with the teenage decade. His inspiration for his music is reaching out to others, and that's what he does. Especially in songs like, "Otherside" and "Same Love." My favorite song of Eminem's is "Shake That" simply because of the beat and the flow, but it does not seem to come close to new mainstream song, "Thrift Shop."

  • He is better than Eminem

    I agree, Eminem is very but he raps at a slow pace and most of his music is all the same. Once in a while there is a hit but not often. Macklemore on the other hand, wraps FAST! And his music is more musical and is overall more entertaining to hear. I listen to both and think they are amazing, but macklemore simply has more upbeat and more heartfelt songs, and sings very well

  • Mack is for everyone

    Eminem is an awesome rapper, when I was a kid, I wanted to be just like him, but to be honest, there is much more to this life, Eminem doesn't seem to grow up. Eminem is for angry teenagers. Mack, his ideas are fresh, and he doesn't try to go typical, rapping how awesome he is, how his flow is so dope, how he can run circles so fast or whatever. His raps have a unique message, and they give the listener a chance to think about it, Eminem's raps are thoughtful too, but he is always rapping about himself. Just compare Beautiful to Ten Thousand Hours, it is not that hard to decide.

  • He's most successful white rapper since Eminem, why not the next?

    As an aspiring white singer-songwriter and avid hip-hop fan, I am enamored with the music of both Eminem and Macklemore. The first time I heard of Macklemore, my ex-girlfriend told me that he was a social activist as well as a rapper, so as a politically active teenager, I had to check out more of his music. Right off the bat, I fell in love with the first track, "Ten Thousand Hours." There are some one-liners on that track that are catchy, rhythmic, and poetic. It didn't take long for me to make the connection between him and my childhood hero, Eminem. There is the obvious connection that they are both white, however, despite the less vulgar language featured on Macklemore's records in comparison to Em's, the way that the listener is able to completely feel the pure emotions from both artists is impeccable. You can truly feel the personalities of both artists in their records through their lyrics and rhythmic prowess. Although hip hop is beautiful and respected, with the exception of OutKast, Jay-Z, Biggie, 2pac, and Snoop Dogg, it is rare that a consistent and respected hip hop artist dominates the charts. However, since his shocking break out hit, "My Name is," in 1999, Eminem has done just that. From catchy comedic tunes from his alter-ego, to fictional portrayals of himself, to songs about his depression and addiction, to songs about his daughter, wife, and mother, no matter the subject matter, Em kills nearly every song and both the radio and charts eat it up like candy. That is why I believe Macklemore is the next Eminem. The first three singles from "The Heist," all have different subject matters, but are lyrically beautiful and personal. Whether it shows the sarcastic and ironic lyrics of "Thrift Shop," the self reflecting "Can't Hold Us" and the lyrically beautiful discussion of LGBT rights in "Same Love," Macklemore has dominated with the charts with personality, rhythm, and poetry. The only other rappers that consistently do that in contemporary times are Jay-Z and Eminem. That is why I believe that Macklemore will be the next Eminem. He has demonstrated way too much talent on his first record to indicate anything other than great success, longevity and genuine hip-hop. The only other white rapper to demonstrate the same characteristics is the legend, Eminem.

  • Absolutely Yes EMINEM AND MACKLEMORE ARE SIMILAR Macklemore should have a bonus track on "Marshal Mathers LP 2" or Combo album w/EMINEM

    Macklemore has a more modern perspective on life but his lyricism is very similar to Eminem. As other people have critiqued, yes Macklemore is more comedic with his songs. Although the song "Same Love" especially the video is one of the best visual representations of a controversial subject I have ever seen. Me personally I have respect of gay people and I don't feel as him they should be discriminated. For that matter no human being should be or should be discriminated. The "Same Love" Video was portrayed so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. People forget though that even though Eminem has one of the most personal lyrics to a song ever crafted by man kind, He still has three songs that are portrayed to be seen as comedic. The three songs are "Just Lose it", "Without me" and "The Real Slim Shady"
    I believe that they should combine for at least a meaningful song together; especially because Macklemore went through his own struggles of drug problems as well. It would be even more amazing for them to craft a Duo Album; meaning that they should come together to create their own album.

  • Yes yes yes

    Macklemore is amazing in both his lyrics and beat! People must understand that legends will always be legends but new legends will arrive! Unfortunately people are always stuck on one legend forever. And by the looks of his awards and popularity and he has now began HE HAS AN AMAZING CHANCE OF BEING THE NEW FACE OF RAP AKA THE NEW EMINEM!

  • More of a vocalist than a rapper

    Eninem was my fav, years ago. Hate to say he was better before he got off the drugs. Macklemore is more of a vocalist artist and not so much of a rapper. Before rap came on the scene, there were artist like Johnny Guitar Watson who were good at a form that would be called close to rap today. Macklemore has a better voice quality and seems to invoke more emotional deep but just in a different way than Eminem. Both are good at what they do but to me, different. There is room for both and I hope they collaborate someday...

  • Biggest White Rapper Since Eminem...

    Macklemore has been on a very promising path ever since he came out with the Heist. His popularity is only growing so why would it stop now? I wouldn't be surprised if he surpassed Eminem in the next couple of years. Im not saying that Eminem is bad, he is a very good rapper with a one of a kind flow, but Macklemore is here to stay!

  • He is indeed.

    As someone who has always been a huge fan of Eminem and has also followed Macklemore from the very beginning of his career, I see lots of similarities between the two. Both have the uncanny ability to tap into the anger and angst in the American culture, and that's a good thing.

  • No lmao Macklemore can't rap!?! How can you compare?

    He is not rapping on same love he is reading poety and Lambert is singing very nicely. Yes poetry is part of rap but this is far from any rap or hiphop. When Macklemore does rap in other songs it's terrible and sounds like when we used to try to battle each other in grade 9. I find it sad that the industry/radio/BET/MTV/Viacom is trying to change the art form that we know as hiphop and rap into something else. Yes the song is good yes it is relevant but no he is not a good rapper and should not be compared to anyone in the industry. I'm guessing when Eminem's new cd comes out he will give us a taste of what real hiphop sounds like again.

  • Heck to the no

    No one can ever compare to Eminem's flow. I gotta admit I love Macklemore but I have been an Eminem fan since as long as i can remember. They both have songs that come from the heart but Eminem just has that "it" factor. He has the most heart-felt songs I have ever heard. And Macklemore and Eminem have such different sounds and styles it's impossible to compare them. Nice try people who say yes. But just NO.

  • More vocal than rap

    Eminem is a different kind of artist. He is more emotional and off the deep end with his lyrics. Whereas, Macklemore vocalizes his opinions and uses a unique style to portray his message. Both are talented in their own ways and perform with high level talent. They are both great figure heads for the Hip-hop industry, but still have different meanings and roles in the "game".

  • White trashy not real

    He doesn't rap like eminem and he just wants to be another white rapper but its more than tht I don't like macula more he stupid and a copy and he sucks go Marshall mathers to me macula more raps like vanilla ice but in modern times and he doesn't even have a past to why he's rapping like eminem malamute just raps cause its cool boo maclamore goo eminem

  • Not even close!

    Eminem has been around longer which means he knows the game better and not to mention that Eminem is hailed as one of the best rappers of all time in which that list includes people Tupac and Biggie. Plus Eminem has superior flow and has a ridiculous rhyming ability. Not to mention he did it with very little support if any at all.

  • Cant compare the two!

    Yes, the Mack is a very good rapper (FYI I'm equally a fan if both) but you just can't compare the two. Right away you can tell each have something special about them, but its all about what you like, and the experiences you have with music. FINAL POINT: no, Macklemore will not be be the next Eminem, as the two are very different but he will create a legacy much like Eminem's.

  • No freaking way

    Totally different and nearly comparable except the fact they're white rappers in a predominantly black genre... Although they are both great at what they do it seems as if they are all about completely things. Like Marshall Mathers LP or Recovery are so much different than The Heist. Both great though

  • He is not

    I dont think Macklemore is gonna be the next Eminem, I don't think his next album will be as good as The Heist, he's not as lyrical as Eminem, oftentimes he doesn't even rhyme, he doesn't have anything that's even close to a flow, so I think he can never surpass Eminem.

  • Totally different and Eminem is way better

    In what way are the rap styles similar? Eminem hasn't had anything on the top charts since "Not Afraid" because he hasn't released anything by himself since "Not Afraid"... Also you are forgetting the songs he has featured in which are top chart hits like "I Need a Doctor," "Fast Lane," "Lighters." He is also about to release an album (his first since 2010) this fall. I will guarantee it will be number 1 for awhile. Eminem was also the top music artist of the 2000's and Macklemore only has released a few number 1 songs in 1 year not 10 years, so...

  • He's not singing of his heart

    Of course he's making good song's now but more commercial. He can be ot top of the charts for a while but he's not the same category... Eminem is a legend not just because of his songs, it's because of himself! Although I enjoy Macklemore's job a lot and definately I like him!

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Anonymous says2013-04-20T06:35:31.937
Why always ask that question? There are many next Eminem? Macmiller?, Tyler? Kendrick?. No next Eminem APODER none of them will do what he did for cultural impact, sales, good lyrically and has the advantage of surprise.
They earn their place.

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