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  • Anti feminist maybe

    Hmm a bunch of helpless women saved in the end by a dominant male? How can you think this is feminist? It is surely not feminist if a bunch of scantily clad women is saved by a guy named Max. Now I need ten more words in order to push the submit button. Thanks.

  • All can relax and enjoy Mad Max: Fury Road as simply an action movie

    No, I don't believe Mad Max: Fury Road is a feminist movie. The very concept of 'Max' is that of a world gone mad with plenty of violence and bizarre characters acting in counter-cultural ways. Attempting to see themes beyond that is an exercise in distraction and fanning flames of conspiracy theories. Viewers should enjoy the movie as it is without trying to politicize it.

  • I do not think that Mad Max: Fury Road is a feminist movie.

    I think feminists and anti-feminist groups are taking things a overboard by claiming Mad Max to be feminist. I think they're taking things out of context and using them to promote their agendas, which is common in all biased groups. I think Mad Max is just another movie with some gore and action.

  • In Survival Sex Has No Meaning

    No need for feminism when everyone is trying to live. No food, no water, crazy people everywhere...who cares about what is right for men or women to do. It does not matter if one is male or female; the same work to survive gets done by all. Save women's rights and men's reactions to women's needs for after the food is found and the settlement is established.

  • Mad Max for women?

    Though some could believe Mad Max: Fury Road is a feminist movie, there is hardly an appeal to women. The movie is packed with explosions and violence, which naturally men are drawn to. Included in the movie is also polygamy, gangs, and heavy duty vehicles, all directed toward captivating men.

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