• Yes, Thus Far

    I believe Madoff is one of the worst villains Wall Street has ever had. I personally don't feel to sorry for the people Madoff stole from because they thought they were invincible to such acts and they did little to make sure it didn't happen to them. I believe Madoff will be at the top for a minute.

  • No, Madoff is not the worst.

    I believe that all people on Wall Street are just as bad as Madoff. They are all out to make as much money as possible. It is because they will do whatever it takes, that is why they are sometimes compared to sharks. Picking the worst is like picking between two evils.

  • No, most likely not.

    If you look at the history of Wall Street in all of its vile intricacies and disgusting manners, you will see that Madoff is simply a player of the game who played it very well. There were tyrants of Wall Street worse and more power and money hungry than Madoff.

  • No, Bernard Madoff was not the worst villian Wall Street has ever known

    Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme certainly does not qualify him for sainthood but Wall Street has known far worse villains than he. Institutional villians like Lehman Brothers. What Bernie Madoff did was straight forward theft and it would be easy to point to him as an example of the worst of Wall Street. Easier because many of the institutions that led to the financial crisis of the last decade are still in business, doing things exactly as they did before and it is difficult to put a corporation in jail.

  • He is most popular

    Bernie Madoff makes for an excellent example of a wall street villain because he has had such publicity. The fact that he got caught has given him much press. At the same time he probably is not the worst criminal ever, as there are most likely plenty that never got caught or in trouble.

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