• Yes, he definitely is

    Yes, according to his recent statements. Sometimes people are not even aware that they are racist - it comes out subconsciously out of them, by their deeds, actions or words. How can he even be consider a non-racist after saying this: ''The enemy right now... are people of color or people of Hispanic origin''?

  • Yes, Governor LePage has tendencies towards racism.

    If Maine Governor, Paul LePage, did not have a past history of making brash remarks with racist subtones, then perhaps he would not be scrutinized for being a racist, But since he has made such remarks, it is hard to believe that his comment did not stem from racist tendencies.

  • Yes, Maine Govenor LePage is a racist

    The sitting Governor of Maine is surely a bit untraditional, as we've seen being a political trend of late. But Mr. LePage is certainly a toxic individual and is unfit to hold office in any form. The recent expose by the Washington Post brought to light many problematic public statements by LePage, fraught with racism, sexism, and complete idiocy.

  • Yes, Maine Governor LePage is a racist.

    Yes, Maine Governor LePage is a racist because he always mentions minorities when discussing crime. He said it himself: white women are impregnated by minorities because of the drug trade. He does not single out white criminals. The only people he cares to put in jail are those with a darker shade of skin.

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