• Yes, The Major League has taken strong actions against dopers.

    Yes, It is my belief that the MLB is taking strong actions against players using performance enhancers. They have recently taken action against a high profile players in the league for using performance enhancers and has made it clear to everybody that they are looking for it and will punish people who use them.

  • They are now

    They weren't for a long time. There is evidence that they knew what was happening, but turned a blind eye because of all the ratings generated by the high level of play as a result of juiced-up players. However, now that they have taken so much bad press for allowing their sport to be so dirty, they have cleaned up their act quite a bit, and their drug testing seems to be much more stringent.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I do think that they are doing enough to punish the players that have been found to take steroids in the MLB. I think that they will suspend the players for a long enough period to make sure that all of the drugs are out of them by the time they play.

  • Not enough done

    MLB needs to do like the Olympic Games they stripe you of everything, no medal, no record, and ban for eternity. How can you in your right mind can compare the great records from Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willy Mays against the dopers like Bond, A-Rod, Sosa, Mcgwire, etc. Pete Rose got the punishment he deserved, well what happen with the dopers they should get the same medicine.

  • They need to be banned for life.

    No, Major League Baseball is not doing enough to punish dopers, because people are still doping. The deterrent is not enough, because players still think that it is worth their while to try doping. Those who dope need to face even tougher penalties, such as automatic lifetime suspensions, in order to talk others out of doping.

  • MLB is not doing nearly enough.

    I don't think that Major League Baseball is doing all it can to punish dopers. I realize that they're reluctant to make complete examples out of any of their athletes, but they really should. If they get caught doping, the penalty should be immediate and permanent expulsion from the MLB. That no tolerance, no return attitude would solve the problem immediately.

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