• Yes because it covers your identity!

    The main reason females in society wear make-up is because they look nicer that way. They are too covered and buried in the opinion that 'nobody likes you unless you look good' or 'I have to get a good impression on everybody and the only way to do that is to look nice.'

  • This is simply my opinion.

    I find make up rather gross. It makes people look fake to me. Also people constantly stress over it. It is silly. I find girls with no make up far more attractive. My ex lady friend wore a ridiculous amount of make up, I could barely hug her without getting make up on myself, let alone kiss her. Males and females are more attractive without make up. It gives an aura of confidence. Just an opinion.

  • In my opinion yes.

    I find it unnecessary because many women use it too much. Often times women/girls go to extremes with it and when they take it off they look like a different person. I never have liked spider leg eye lashes, they look creepy and disgusting. Also lipstick is also a cosmetic that women go to extremes with. Sometimes it is a heavy, thick lipstick. And those ingredients like oils, waxes, and fats don't seem that good especially when kissing or eating because then you ingest it which does not sound that appetizing. I usually get grossed out because it is usually ingested when eating or drinking, then it leaves stains of cups and utensils.

    I never understood why people like a thick, heavy, waxy lipstick as opposed to a better chap stick. I want to see what you guys have to say about it.

  • Makeup doesn't really serve too much of a purpose.

    Since I am female myself, I just don't think mascara, eyeshadow etc is necessary. True Beauty comes inside you, and looks aren't everything. I hate when people tell me "looks are important no matter what" and "makeup gets you a boyfriend." So? Why should I have to wear makeup? Makeup isn't going to get me anywhere, and going natural is the way to go. Plus, makeup can clog your pores and cause acne.

  • Makeup can be dangerous

    A lot of makeup contains dangerous chemicals which can contribute to cancer and destroy neurons.


    You can look fabulous without using makeup. Whether you are male or female it's best to just avoid it rather than going to the trouble and potentially risking exposure to dangerous carcinogens and neurotoxins.

  • It makes me cry,

    I am not joking, nor am I being dramatic. It's a tragedy to me. And I feel deeply saddened every time I think about changing myself to matter. I want to find love, I want to be empowered, and get good jobs, and be thought of as mature and smart. I crave these things. But to realize that my natural self isn't a high enough quality for sociaty to accept makes me extremely downhearted. I was born with this face, unshaven legs, eyebrows that were a bit to bushy, and yes, unruly hair. But we all were born with these natural flaws. To think that we'll never amount to anything unless we cover them up, or yank them off, or cut them away until there's nothing left but this genetic idea of beauty, it's horrifying. I sob to think of so many individuals submitting to a template. So yah, I'd say makeup is completely unecessary.

  • Already perfect. .

    I pretty much believe it's unnecessary at many times.
    You don't need to impress someone with that.
    Well it's okay sometimes but unnecessary.
    If it's some sort of job interview , presentation etc.
    You don't really need the make up, just do the stuff you need so you don't look really that messy...

  • It's like dressing up for an event.

    When you dress up, you show effort. Make-up shows effort to look your best. Nobody can argue that make-up doesn't effect the way people look for the better. It just does. If it didn't, we wouldn't have it today. Sorry, that was beside the point. The point is, make-up is necessary on certain occasions. Make-up, to me, is like a tux. Tuxes aren't necessary to society, per say. Any active member of today's human experience can live a full life without wearing a tux. However, when a tux is worn, it shows effort and personal self-respect in the wearer. Thus, because make-up is a gage for self-esteem and lack of laziness, it is necessary to society as a form of expression ("necessary" meaning that it must be allowed to exist).
    Unnecessary can also be taken to mean that something is excessive and should be removed because it is so. The opposite of this would be "necessary", or the bare minimum. Make-up is not excessive. It is also not the bare minimum. In this instance, make-up is neutral, and still not unnecessary.
    I would argue that make-up should be implemented in both sexes as to eliminate the double standard that make-up creates. I perform in shows and have been required to put of make-up. I found that personally it brought out the size of my eyes. Make-up make things look better while promoting self-expression and self-respect.

  • I don't know all the answers,

    And I don't believe that this is an absolute truth. However, I think that make-up is necessary to society in some instances. Putting on make-up shows an incredible attention to detail while displaying effort put in to looking good. The same can be said for dressing up nice. Similarly to dressing well, there are instances that demand make-up while others don't. Requiring make-up of women and not men IS a double standard. I think make-up should either be put away from society, or totally embraced by both genders.

  • Makeup gives people the power to be who they want to be.

    Makeup is something that can only be understood by those who can or have see the whole picture, not just the icing on the cake
    (witch is the fact that it may make you look more attractive in the eyes of society) what people fail to understand is that we don't wear makeup for you. By that I mean, to look presentable, or to just look pretty. We wear makeup to make us feel a certain way. (this is really hard to explain so don't take it as a metal problem of some sorts) its just a thing that empowers you. For example; if you're a punk rocker, you wear vests and patches and all that because you want to you and it makes you feel a certain content feeling I guess, even when people think you're weird you don't care, you still think you look cool because its you. That punk style of clothing is you. And without it you aren't you. You feel me? Same thing goes for makeup. There are so many ways people do their makeup because its like their style. Its kind of just like there are a bunch of different styles and subcultures and all that. There are a bunch of different ways to create your face, your identity. If that's what you feel. Some people feel like the way they were born are the way they want to be and the way they feel most powerful and happy, and that's totally fine. The big reason this whole sitch is a problem is because people like you cant just keep your opinion of what other people do to or for themselves to yourselves. It is fine to think your own way but don't try pushing it upon another, or making them feel bad about the fact that they don't think like you. Makeup may be unsure for you but it isn't for me. Because it fuels who I am, and aspire to be.

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