• Makes us fat

    It has many calories and calories makes us very fat. Some people are addicted to it, And are having serious health problem. I think fast food should disappear. If it is gone, All people could eat healthy food and slow food instead of it, And become very very very healthy

  • Unethical and unhealthy industry

    In order to make up the great demand of fast food, The fast food companies are finding the best way to cut expenses on their products at the expenses of the customer's health. They are using bad quality food to offer an affordable price. It's becoming more and more difficult to know what exactly we are eating in these kind of place. Also it is well known that eating too much fat which is common in the fast food industry increases the risk of health issues such as diabetes or heart related disease

  • They are not healthy.

    Fast foods do not contain the nutritional value that our body requires. Either they contain less or more than necessary. Therefore, Fast foods are not good from health point of view.
    In order to ban fast foods, Lawa should be made and implemented in towns. Keeping the health of customer in mind, The people doing business should avoid making fast foods and should concentrate on healthy food items

  • No fast does not mean unhealthy

    You must only be thinking of McDonald or some burger joint. And even then there are healthier options. Now they offer apple slices and milk. And there are under 400 calories menus options.
    Are there shady fast food places that put excessive fat and additives to food yes. Are all of them the same? NO!
    There are vegan meals with no MSG additives and no hormones. This is because of consumers opting for healthier choices. And you can order a vegetarian pizza or eat a health joint.

    And then what makes a home cooked meal even better? I saw this rugged outdoors man hunting and cooking a meal. He claimed he ate better than all Americans and then the man slapped a lot of butter on his meal and ate all of the grease. Way to many home meals use a lot of butter and they eat the fat drippings.
    You might be thin and work hard but mark my words they will die of an early heart failure. The south has high cholesterol and there are known for home cook meals.

    The point is eliminating fast food places will not make people healthier, And healthier fast food is emerging. It would be better to encourage people to make healthier choices and to make tasty healthy foods.

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