• Yes he was a hero

    He stood up to the white man when everyone was backing down from them. He took a bullet for the people and even though he was a criminal before turning into a Muslim, I overall think that he was a hero since he stood up for what he believed in.

  • Malcolm X A Real Believer

    Malcolm x was a hero because he was willing to die for what he believed in. For hundreds of years,blacks were property to whites but now they cant handle an army full of poorly treated blacks who have just had enough and need to show whites how it really feels to be mission treated

  • He did what many was afraid to do

    I believe in many was Malcolm X was a hero because he did stuff behind the the sense and helped many people directly and indirectly such as Martin Luther king Jr. You really had to pick a side. Yet Malcolm X dated a white girl she was the reason he went to jail and became the man that he was.

  • He was a Hero!!

    Malcolm X is a Hero because he changed the life of the blacks ad gave them a more free life. He stood up for black peoples rights and made sure that they have a 'saying' in everything. He stopped racism and made a better world for the black people and made sure that the white people didn't treat him badly anymore. Even though Malcolm X made some bad decisions in life, it doesn't mean that he is a bad person. We just have to forget about all of those things and look at what he changed in the world and what he had made this world to be. Lets take this moment to look at what the world has achieved and accomplished because of what Malcolm X has done.

  • Malcom X ; A true American Hero

    Malcom X was a uncompromising, committed, dedicated, and loyal civil rights leader of the Afro-American Community. He only called for violence, if it was conditionally placed upon black person, by whites without provocation or justification. To say he was a racist is a ludicrous argument, based on white racist ignoring the fact s of why he fought and advocated against whites. He was the top speaker at the most prestigious universities, in America. Equality, for all types of people was what he espoused; however, if that was not promised or attainable while intertwined amongst each other, he was in favor of separation. This is not hatred or racist, this is intelligence. Obvious he was a hero, hands down!

  • Malcolm X an absolute hero!

    Malcolm X is a hero to me, because he stood up for what he believed in. He was prepared to risk his life (in violence) to emphasise his belief. Although people do not like him, or think he is a hero, because they think he was a racist or because he used violence against violence, he stand out to me. He believed in himself and his goals. We should all be able to learn from him.

  • He was a hero, he wasn't perfect though

    He was not racist, the definition of racism is the hate of a race for no reason his reason for hating whites was because of what he went through as a child and the violent treatment and unfairness that black people received in the past and present. Malcolm X was a strong fearless black man white people just hated him because they had met there match.

  • YES!!!!!!!!! He is a hero!

    We will think Malcolm x was a very important figure for the civil rights and. He made a big a difference towards people's life's! He changed life for all black people. Although he did violent acts, this showed us that he cared for he believed and fought for it. He is a Hero!!

  • The True Face Of Civil Rights

    His platform for justice equality and freedom were more than just mere words that some people spew for effortless platitudes he stood by them and paid a high price for them. Malcolm X is more than just a footnote in the American Civil Rights movement he is the man that spurred it.

  • He is a hero

    Malcolm fought for black rights and stood up for what he believed in. At the time many people were being killed for their skin colour. Do you really think this is right? If not you are stupid to think so. Who here would die for what they believed in, not many of us would.

  • Racist you say? DITTO.

    Sentenced to six years, Malcolm X went to jail in 1946-1952 because of criminal work such as burglary. When Malcolm was 16 he moved to New York City and stayed with relatives, this is when he became part of a world of drugs, prostitution, and confidence games. While he considered being an activist for human rights the way he assorted through equality was through violence. He was himself racist and promoted violence and hatred. Malcolm X was the leader of the NOI (nation of Islam); he made them believe that violent protesting was okay. Malcolm encouraged racism and violence, he taught them to be racist to the white people, and he also said that they should ‘get rights by using any means’. He wanted the black people to have a separate land to the white people. He put the hatred on himself and he never compromised his ‘blackness’ but addressed more along the lines of brotherhood & equality instead of separatism, which is what got him killed.

  • A Fascist Crackpot

    Malcom X based himself on the idea that the white man was bad. He belonged to a group that one can only call openly and proudly racist. He advocated the segregation of African-Americans and Whites, openly taught black supremacy, and supported the idea of violence to achieve his misguided ends. Consequently Malcom X was not killed by white people in the end.

    Posted by: Hons
  • Malcolm X is no hero; instead, he is racist himself.

    Malcolm X is far from being a hero. If he was not African American, then his views would of been very costly to him, and people would of considered him a racist. For those who think he was a hero, perhaps they should do a little more research about it before making that judgement call.

  • He supported genocide

    He wanted to kill all of the white people and seperate us. He didn't want equality he wanted genocide. Just look at any of the things he has done he was happy when JFK was brutally murdered. Also, He was kicked out of the MUSLIM religion for being to extreme.

  • Violence is a fabulous solution (kidding of course)

    Some may argue that his work in civil rights was incredible and NOT racist. This is flat out wrong. The man who states that "the white man is the devil" (this practically became his slogan) and that blacks should overthrow whites in government is a blatant racist... How can we call someone who made such rude statements a hero? One white girl told him she supported him and she apologized for her ancestors- when she asked how she could help the NOI, Malcolm told her to go away and do nothing--great guy he is (same guy who slept with white girls before his "rebirth")

  • Malcolm X is not a hero.

    A Hero does not need a power a hero does not need to be human. But a hero must posses a quality of Peace. Malcom is no hero. Heroes do not commit crimes, heros do not resort to violence if they don't get what they want. Malcolm X is no hero

  • A spirited man but his actions were not true

    I do appreciate his courage and some of intentions but the fact that he wanted to kill many people to get what he wanted kind of defeats the purpose. He wanted to not integrate people and means that not everyone would be free and equal as MLK and many other leaders wanted to do.

  • How could he be considered a hero?

    How can anyone consider this man a hero? His religious beliefs were against the majority of the population of the western world. If someone can be defined a hero for killing innocent people, could you consider the Islamic state heros? They have the same beliefs as Malcolm X and they are looked down on, and rightly so. He was definitely not the hero. He may have stood up to what he believed but what he believed was prejudice and I believe that is wrong. There are solutions to violence without using violence , hate doesn't solve hate.

  • Nothing more than a glorified hate monger

    People often hold the misconception that this Malcolm X was some sort of civil rights hero. The truth is that the majority of what he believed was oppressive, fascist, and completely racist. Malcolm X perpetuated black supremacy over all other races, advocated racial segregation, held antisemitic views, and saw peaceful race relations as foolish. Malcolm X was a far-right extremist, he had nothing to do with the movement at all.

  • He purported hate and fear

    Many accounts of Malcolm X's life state he outwardly hated white people and was paranoid of anything the government did including mailing letters. He was not a hero because of his hatred. Martin Luther King did more without hate ans used the love of all mankind as his stance. If Malcolm X did the same race relations would have been completed peacefully and without hate groups. People make more out of this guy for some reason.

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