• Can the creation be greater than the creator?

    While a machine can be programmed to be more efficient than a human, But "better at" doesn't mean holistically better. The problem here is that only a human can fully contemplate the question. A computer cannot calculate value based on anything aside from numerical data; "better" covers so many other shapes that value can hold. If one side cannot grasp the entirety of the questions scope, They could hardly be considered to be better.

  • Humankind is sacred

    Without mankind, Machine would have no purpose. They can reproduce themselves, Calculate things very quickly for us, But they do all this for the purpose of serving mankind. Any human who is willing to prefer machine over flesh is someone who's become complacent with allowing machines and technology to rule over us and our society. We've put them on a pedestal, Above even our own fellow humans. We bury ourselves in machines, And rather than focusing on making society better for humankind, We put all our effort in making our machines better at distracting us.

  • Machines are just to make work easier.

    Have you ever considered that machines are getting too much involved in humans life? Machines do save a lot of hardwork for humans, But there are things that machines could never do like humans does, And also many of them polluted too much and you might want to considered that they can be harmful.

  • Oh hell no!

    Machine is abused by man, I want the abusive man to leave the machine alone, I want machines to be safe from dangerous men, I prefer machines because they are stronger, Faster, And smarter than men, Machine is abused by man, I want the abusive man to leave the machine alone so machine has to heal!

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