• Mans greed and only thinking of himself.

    Man has no consideration for the environment. He rapes the land,destroys forest that are the homes to our beautiful fauna and flora. Man talks a lot, but in the long run, it is about how much he can take and not give back. I have just about given up on us as a face.

  • Man is the greatest threat to mankind

    In todays world man is against man himself. We fight wars and put bombs all over the world. The actions of man will result in the ultimate destruction of mankind itself.We cut doen trees for our own selfinsh needs which result in an ecological imbalance leading to extinction of various species of living organisnms.

  • Consequences to our actions

    We know that human's faults are bringing down life as we know it. People losing their jobs, politics, war, even climate change is all being affected by man's actions. Without man's "ingenious" ideas that seem to be ruining everyone's life, we would hardly have any problems to talk about! Man is definitely his own worst problem.

  • Of course we're the biggest problem.

    Like I said, of course man is his own worst enemy. Human kind is what is going to cause the destruction of the world. We waste our resources, we have no care for other beings on this planet, and besides that, every time you turn around a new war is springing up either over land or religion. We can't even get along! Man is still questioning things like gay marriage, which is ridiculous.

    If humankind still argues over who you can love then I believe it is undeniable that we are going to destroy ourselves. We are the worst problem because we are the ones CAUSING all the problems.

  • Man is for the most part blind to his own faults

    It is our nature to avoid self criticism. None of us wants to acknowledge our pride or our greed, rather we hang on to an illusory overestimation of ourselves in the vain self deceit of our pride, holding then ourselves in the prison of selfish arrogance and imagined goodness. Our freedom lies in the humble acknowledgement of our own wretchedness. This is the brokenness we bring to the cross in appeal to God for our freedom and healing. Blessed be God for His answer to our imminent need.

  • It depends. Mankind, or a specific man?

    Does this mean mankind, or a specific man? I agree mankind is it's own worst enemy. We kill each other, cause global warming, and give most of the resources to the rich and powerful. But a man is not his own worst enemy. If a man were his own worst enemy, wouldn't he end up dead, in a terrible state, or something of the sort? Most people in the world with opportunity take it and do something's useful with it. It's human nature.

  • If Man was his own worst problem, would it not stand that man would be better without himself?

    Every single ethical theory is based on the precept that there is a man (woman, child, etc.) who is present for every single action, whether moral or immoral. Without a man to be present for said action, there is no basis for the ethical theory.
    In the resolution, it would seem as though man would be better without himself. This is a logical impossibility. Man cannot be aside himself. I say that ideas or even moralities are the most dangerous things to man.

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