• Science is not according to what media reports.

    It's actually not a myth that CO2 traps energy and makes the surface of the Earth warmer. But not that much warmer. (1) The bandwidth of CO2 is almost saturated. (2) Without large positive feedback -- which lots of prominent scientists don't believe in, but instead, like other natural systems, believe is negative (maybe close to neutral) -- there won't be so much warming. That's one of the important reasons why many scientists, -- among 100s of prominent scientists e.g. atmosphere science Prof. Lindzen, or former NASA expert Roy Spencer -- don't believe we are headed for catastrophic warming. +0,5 C is a likely outcome in 100 years (e.g.Lindzen & Choi), and we would manage +1 C, or +1,5 C. Natural variations are a lot bigger, and 4000-8000 years ago it was a lot warmer, with no ice in the arctic. The notion that 97% of the scientists do believe in catastrophic global warming isn't right. Zimmerman and Doran's study says that 97% believe it's warmer now than 100 years ago, and that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. That's all it says! Read the paper -- simple 2 page -- for yourself. The 97% is something media uses as propaganda, just like "Antarctica is melting" (it gains ice) etc.

  • It doesn't pass the test of logic.

    CO2 emissions from mankind amount to 3% of total CO2 emissions, the balance are natural. Of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is a minor one, the predominant one is water vapor. The ocean's capacity for absorbing CO2 dwarfs anything that mankind can generate. Worldwide warming has paused for the past 16 years while CO2 emissions have increased. The theory just doesn't hold up.

  • Yes, it using selective evidence.

    There are so many holes in the man-made global warming theory. The majority of the "heating" occurred before we greatly increased our carbon dioxide output. If you use satellite and worldwide temperature readings, the earth has not warmed, if you use certain thermometers in certain places, there is a slight increase, but that is using less than 30% of the data (i.e. land based temperatures only). According to scientists, the earth had actually been cooling since the 1300's, up until the mid-1800's. Man-made global warming is a picky-choosy theory.

  • It's a bad theory.

    CO2 from mankind amounts to 3% of total CO2 emissions with the balance being natural. Of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is a minor one. Water vapor is much more significant. There has been a pause in global warming for the past 16 years all while CO2 emissions have increased. The ocean has virtual unlimited capacity to absorb CO2. It's not worth worrying about or limiting our emissions, certainly not wasting another dime on researching this flawed theory.

  • Ebb and flow

    The world has been around longer than men it has frozen over overheated frozen over overheated frozen over overheated again and again and again man has done nothing to affect that in any way shape or form anybody who believes that man has affected it has never seen a volcano has no understanding of a volcano it is a complete moron

  • Just not enough CO2 to make a real difference.

    The "man-made global warming" (anthropogenic global warming) supporters always conveniently ignore the very low levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, still less than 1/2 percentage point of the atmospheric gasses. Water vapour is the big one but it would be a bit hard to maintain the "man-made global warming" money making schemes with water vapour being the villain, CO2 is much more suited.

    And - Just because a large number of scientists profess to believe in anthropogenic global warming does not mean anything as many generally accepted theories have been rejected at a later point.

    From the scientific community, a much more sensible approach would have been be to say "on the balance of probabilities the earth is probably warming but we are unable to establish the cause beyond reasonable doubt". - But there is probably no money in that.

  • Global Warming is a man-made myth

    Glaciers have been receding and growing cyclically for hundreds of years. Recent glacier melting is a consequence of coming out of the very cool period of the Little Ice Age. Ice shelves have been breaking off for centuries. Scientists know of at least 33 periods of glaciers growing and then retreating. It’s normal. Besides, changes to glacier's extent is dependent as much on precipitation as on temperature.

  • The sun mainly determines the global temperature.

    Anybody with half a brain knows the sun causes almost all of our climate and weather on earth. When the sun sets the air gets cooler and when it rises in the morning the air warms up so with that in mind.....
    Look at the graphs of the sunspot activity the last 400 years and the global temperate and you'll see there's an obvious correlation. And looking at CO2 levels and global temps, you'll see that global warming causes CO2 levels to go up rather than CO2 causing global warming.

  • Non-Believers use Global Warming as their New Religion

    Not just a money maker. "Pollution Guilt" is running rampant. Let's step back and take a deep breath people. As "Green" as you think you maybe, you aren't. I agree that we should take pride in cleanliness and it is important, but half of the BS groups and programs are there to capitalize off of others who think they make the difference. I hate to break it to everybody that brings there cloth bags to the grocery store, guess what, that load of laundry you have to do to clean the broken egg yoke once a week is more damaging than the plastic or paper bag you chose not to use. Wake up and smell the roses, use common sense in conservation, and remember that we are 10k times more likely to be wiped out by a meteor than our minimal impacts in our daily lives. God is in control, not us, and only God knows!

  • Man made global warming Brings in the big bucks...

    There is no denying that the earth's temperature is rising, but this fact has been manipulated and force fed to the people of the world for one reason. If the Government can make us feel guilty for destroying the world, we will buy hybrid cars inundated with required government regulations, we will donate money to campaigns and candidates who tell us we are the reason for the end of the world and only they will save us, we will write off any other candidate as out of touch and uncaring, we will pay higher taxes at the pump to help punish us for our fossil fuel addiction, we will allow the government to spend billions of our tax payer dollars to special interest groups to find alternative fuels disregarding the political connections, we will indoctrinate our children to follow the political agenda and all while the government has their hands in our pockets.

    Man made global warming is about guilt, government control and high ranking politicians looking out for other high ranking politicians.

    You must believe in global warming and know that it's natural. Look at where the information is coming from and what information we are aloud to hear. When anything comes out against man made global warming, listen to the talking points and the months they come from. They are reading a script. We need to think for ourselves and stop allowing politicians to think for us.

  • No, global warming is NOT a myth.

    Billions of years ago there was the Ice Age. We seem to be heading that way again. Perhaps not as severe, but still bad enough. We pollute our air, we are putting holes in our ozone by using spray deodorant, hairspray, perfumes. We pollute our water supply with wastes, litter, and gasoline.
    The seasons are no longer different. The winters are shorter but colder. Our summers are longer and hotter. There is no spring or fall.

  • Deniers are fools and liars.

    It's proven science. It's backed not just by direct studies on global warming, but physics, chemistry, and biology. The claims against global warming are spurious at best, and have been debunked time and again. Claiming that it is a myth at this point shows a purposeful ignorance that borders on the deification of idiocy.

  • It Is Real

    Man made global warmth is far from a myth. It is real and something that the entire world needs to address. We need to stop ignoring something that has so much evidence and effects everyone on this planet. We really need to plan and make adjustments for what could possibly happen..

  • No, It Is Proven Science

    Man-made global climate change is not a myth. It is proven science. The people why believe it is a myth are allergic to real science, real research, and real evidence. Every year, there are large storms. That used to not happen, and it is a direct result of global climate change.

    Posted by: rpr
  • It is not a myth.

    Even though human greenhouse gas emissions don't seem like a lot, they are enough to change the temperature of earth. And even if earth has only risen a couple degrees Celsius, it's enough to mess with earth's natural cycles; earth is used to a SPECIFIC temperature. If you don't believe this, how about actually run an experiment yourself. The one's who say it's about money and politics are the ones who made it that way.

  • Because i want it to be that way

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  • No it is extremely real

    The fact that even the Bible in all its glory even predicts that man will bring ruin to the Earth because we can not survive without God and that is why God is sitting back right now and allowing us time to prove that we can but obviously we can not so God was right and Satan was wrong in thinking that we can and that is why God will eventually send Jesus back down to take us out of our misery eventually and start a new system of things.

  • There is no doubt Global Warming is an issue.

    There is no doubt Global Warming is an issue. We as humans ignore the signs the earth tell us and we feign ignorance to earth related issues. We really need to emphasize the issue. Many scientists and chemists have proven that we are the cause of global warming. Many people say that we produce CO2 from body heat and how that doesn't amount to much, but have you ever considered all the fumes and greenhouse gases produced from each vehicle, building and business. I can guarantee that most people own one or two vehicles, and each vehicle gives off a ton more CO2 than human body heat does. You can't deny Global Warming is an issue, because there are repercussions for polluting the earth and you cannot disagree that the world would be a much better living environment if people didn't pollute it as much as we do.

  • A former skeptic...

    Before global warming became such a heated political debate (really dating myself) in college I decided to research climate change with the argument that man was not causing warming, and this was my true belief going into the study. My professors, counter to the exaggerated tales, did not influence my research. Have any of you actually calculated the thermal effects of a greenhouse gas? It is chemistry and math, not theory. Anyone can use data of (just) reported greenhouse gas emissions and calculate the impact thermally. Do greenhouse gases warm the planet. Yes, this is a fact. The next argument is the positive and negative feedbacks and subsequent impacts. Ah, much more haziness here. The term global warming is misleading, as stated by some on the "Yes" side. The real temperature effects are felt in the extreme latitudes, not so much across D.C. or Dallas. Unfortunately most of the worlds population is not in these extremes, so the effects are not convincing enough. Having spoken to some professors who have visited the arctic just yesterday and seeing their photos of glacier recessions I don't think there is any doubt. So then the argument can be that the warming that IS occurring is just a natural climate shift. If you look at the climate history of the planet you know there were warmer times than today. However, the cause of each of those warm spells was explained by natural forces. None of those factors are in play today. Could there be something else we just aren't considering? Of course, that is what makes science so great, always more to investigate. But if you look at the trend in just CO2 and overlay that with the rate of warming the correlation is so strong that it is hard to EXCLUDE the additional man influence. As for the ocean being an absorber of CO2, it is great, just ask all those fisherman who are dealing with rapid ocean acidification. This "evil twin" to global warming will be making more news over the coming decade.

  • It's real, but I think it's a tiny bit over exaggerated.

    Not too over exaggerated, but a bit. I don't think it will cause a catastrophe in my lifetime, but I do think if we don't do something soon that it will become bad. I mean we've destroyed so much forestry and pumped so many greenhouse gases that it's no surprise that we're starting to warm the planet.

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