• It's pretty difficult.

    Out of every creature in the world, Humans have the mind like no other species. We have evolved to a specific point where we can solve problems and create tools to help us solve these problems. Out of all humans minds are the most evolved by far, but our physical properties are not. We aren't the only species with opposable thumbs. If we were stripped away from our technology, tools and weapons, we would not survive. Think of brain over brawn, humans would not win in a fight without tools. Millions of years ago we were just hairy beasts that were still not the strongest, then we took the path of fire and focus. All i can say is our distinct minds are the only reason why we are at the top of the chain and survive longer.

  • Adaption requires suiting your environment

    Adaption is basically just your body getting used to the area around you and it finding ways to either combat the predatory animals or even fighting off diseases. I believe we are the most evolved due to our knowledge compared to others. I mean look at other animals, you don't see their minds creating anything that we have and they've possibly been around as long as we have, for some even longer. Our minds have experienced nearly anything and due to this process it has combated ways that other animals would just not know what to do. Yes other animals do have instinct but I think we broke away from ur instinct to ''Adapt'' to our surrounding of many predatory animals. We even understand the way of other animals. If one species goes away or is wiped clean from Earth, then that ruins everything for animals. But to get back on the subject I think we have evolved more than anything. For I cannot put directly what I am thinking into this because I don't know how to word it right but it's a pretty good reason .

  • Man is dominant

    We are definitely the most evolved. We rule the Earth and are indisputably in control. We have always been the top of the food chain and have by far the most evolved animals. Because of the complete dominance and advanced tools that we have created, we have mastered nature .

  • We are in total dominance of this planet.

    We have the most advanced technology and I doubt it that apes or Chimps can create more advanced tech than us. We have created countless of weapons and apes are getting warmer to the idea of sticks and stones break my bones. Plus we are at the top of the food chain in the world.

  • We are in total dominance of this planet.

    We have the most advanced technology and I doubt it that apes or Chimps can create more advanced tech than us. We have created countless of weapons and apes are getting warmer to the idea of sticks and stones break my bones. Plus we are at the top of the food chain in the world.

  • Man has proved dominance

    I hate to feel egocentric about anything in life, but humans are clearly the top of the evolutionary food-chain on the planet Earth. We are the only animal to use advanced tools, and have found ways to neutralize any prey that stands in our way. In the animal kingdom, dominance in the food-chain has always been the standard to judge a species on, and I believe we have proven ourselves beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Human Civilization is the Most Advanced in the World

    Although other animals such as great apes and whales may be capable of abstract thought, human beings with our evolved brains and opposable thumbs have become the dominant species on the planet. With our cars, roads, computers and houses, humans are the most evolved animal on Earth. Along with the prizes comes the pitfalls of crime, murder and fear that comes with being the most evolved species on Earth.

  • Yes, humans have evolved the most in the animal kingdom

    I feel that man is definitely the most evolved animal due to humans' ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and perform cognitive thinking. The ability to invent things to improve quality of life is another indicator. While other species such as apes have evolved considerably as well, humans have surely evolved more than any other animal on the planet.

  • Man is most evolved

    Man is definitely the most evolved animal ever. Humans can walk, talk, swim, work, etc. If it weren't for humans, there would be none of the technology today. Think about if dogs were the most evolved...all we would do is sleep, eat and run to the bathroom all day. Man is definitely most evolved of all animals.

  • Curiosity and Self-Pride Does Not Equal Intelligence and Superiority

    Physically, Almost everyone agrees that the human body is full of flaws and becomes more reliant on altered and unnatural conditions as time progresses. But, Many people also argue that we make up for our physical weakness with our intelligence. The problem with that is humanity's lack of true intelligence. The only reason we have managed to advance in technology, Lifestyles, Lifespan, Etc. Is because of our curiosity and crave for change. We essentially have the self-pride/curiosity of the common house cat mixed with the body of a deformed ape.

  • I don’t think humans are the most evolved animal

    This is because compared to other animals we are weak what I think the most evolved animal is jellyfish or water bear but humans may have the most evolved mind or Mabye every animal is equally evolved but we may never know nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn

  • Evolution is merely change

    Human behavior is essentially no different than any other, and changes in physiology do not support the theory of superiority. There is no evidence that humans actually solve problems any more than they create them. The existence of Philosophy proves we have too much time on our hands, which actually interferes with living.

  • Not by a long shot

    How about the least? Name another organism that requires clothes? Perhaps one that needs complex tools?
    We are the only species on earth that doesn't live in harmony with its environment. Could it be that that evolution is a refinement? To me refining is simplifying. You don't get more simple than balance. We are too complicated.

  • I don't think so!

    It makes sense why people think we are more evolved but “evolved” is different from smarter or more high-tech. I think that we are all at the same level of evolution. We are smarter than most of our hairy cousins but we are all at the same level of evolution because all living animal on earth right now evolved from a common ancestor.

  • Technically we are not

    I believe the answer to the question is no. As a species, homo-sapiens have changed little. There are some species that are currently going through change now, such as elephants losing their tusks to avoid poachers killing them for ivory or fence lizards adapting to the introduction of fire ants in their ecosystems by evolving new defensive mechanisms. There are a number of species with a greater number of adaptions. In terms of the actual adaptations, it would appear that humans have evolved better than most. Our thumbs, upright posture, and mental capacity have given us the position of most dominant species on the planet. And, in my opinion, we are the most extraordinary creatures on the planet as well as the most awful and asinine...But you didn't ask for that.

  • What does 'most evolved' mean?

    The simple answer here is no because, as far as we know, all life has evolved from the same ancestor; therefore all life that is still around must have evolved an equal amount.

    I can see many people here making various arguments how socially we're the most evolved, we're the most intelligent, the most moral, and likewise that we're the less moral than others, less reproductive, etc... Perhaps the debate needs a more specific framing of the question, but as it stands I've got to respond with the basic fact that all animals that are still surviving have adapted an equal amount so are all equally evolved!

  • No, unless humans are further classified according to their evolution in Physical, Emotional and Intellectual developments

    The phrase "most evolved" implies that all of the human species are in the same basket and weighted equally. While the physical development of most human beings may be the same (and hence evolved to the same extent), the developments in their emotional and intellectual capabilities has a much wider range, than might be seen in the so called less evolved species like apes, monkeys or further down the chain of evolution.
    As we take into account all three areas of development (Physical, emotional and Intellectual) it will be necessary to further sub-divide the human species and then rank order them for their evolution. Until we do, we can not accept the generalized notion that man is the most evolved animal.
    As an example, when a man kills another man intentionally and for reasons beyond food or survival, then he clearly falls blow the standards held by other so called less evolved animals. His very capability to do so - even if it is due to his ability to think and decide - puts him in a species lower than other animals.

  • If the purpose of life was explained using a biological perspective,

    It would be to reproduce and pass your genes on to the next generation, and organisms evolve to maximize their chances of doing this. With that being said, since ants are the most abundant species (insects in general account to at least 75% of the worlds fauna) , technically, they have evolved the best working strategy.

  • Humans are far from the most evolved species.

    Humans are the most dominant species on earth and essentially rule over it. However, we are not the most evolved species because we are not the oldest. We are the most intelligent and have been able to use this to our advantage in order to survive but this absolutely does not give us the right to say that we are the most evolved species. Infact human evolution has slowed dramatically with the rise of modern medicine, and improvement on the overall quality of life. Outside the species of homo sapiens, other animals are constantly evolving in order to better suit their environment. It would be incorrect and extremely egotistical to say that we are the most evolved species when there are billions of species who are much older than us and are continuing to evolve at rates faster than humans.

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