• Manchester United Better Before, Better Now

    Well it's out of question that Manchester United was better in the past. Chelsea became a money whore club but still almost got relegated in the 2015/16 season. Chelsea is a club with no tradition and their players just think about their overpriced payments. Man U on the other hand are a club with tradition and are a club with REAL fans.

  • YES, Manchester United are the best

    Manchester United are the kings of football, they are hard-working and work as a team, and they are Epic, Manchester United have more fans and they have much better players than Chelsea. If Chelsea keep trying they may be as good as Manchester United, its highly unlikely though!!!!
    Manchester Forever!!!!

  • Yes, Manchester is better

    I believe that Manchester is a better team than Chelsea. Manchester has proven over the years that they are a good team. Manchester has great fans, and also has many more fans than Chelsea. I think that Chelsea is improving and may eventually be as good as Manchester, just not right now.

  • Yes Manchester United is better than Chelsea

    Yes, I think that there is strong proof that Manchester United is better than Chelsea as seen by their soccer record throughout the years, as well as a stronger fan base in Great Britain. I think that Chelsea is also a really good team, but overall Manchester United has better players and is overall the better team.

  • Yes, Manchester United is better than Chelsea.

    Manchester United is widely popular on a world wide basis. They club are consistently at or near the top of the Premier League and regularly qualify for competition in Europe. They will likely finish at the top of the EPL this season. Chelsea will finish lower and their only hopes for major success will be the FA Cup and Europa League.

  • Chelsea are better now!!!

    Man U may have been better last year, but now Chelsea are better because Chelsea are far higher in the league, Chelsea got further in the fa cup and capital one, and have beaten them both times this season! So overall Chelsea are far far far better at the moment

  • History=Manchester United, Now=Chelsea, Overall=Chelsea

    I've got to say in history Manchester is better but imagine your new to soccer and your looking for a team do you want a team that has huge hope or a team that was just amazing but is literally so bad. Manchester is literally so bad right now we beat them 3-0 and I saw Huddersfield beat them.


    When it comes to barclays premier league title i would say Manchester United is the best by attaining their 20th title compare to chelsea which had just won 4 titles.However,Chelsea are way better than Man United in European cups.Its true because Chelsea are the only club that has made through all sorts of cup such as the champions league,europa league,world club cup,Super cup and so on.They are very competitive in winning cups due to their very high fighting spirit

  • No I disagree.

    Both teams are really good in my opinion. However, Chelsea has a slamming FOUR League cups to Manchester's two. Manchester is really one of the most successful teams out there, but Chelsea is also one of the most supported clubs in the United Kingdom. Manchester has more Premier League titles with a total of 19.

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Anonymous says2013-04-30T06:49:37.587
Yes, Manchester is better than Chelsea. I think that the greatest football player in japan is Shinji Kagawa . Shinji Kagawa belongs with Manchester United football team,, so , I love Manchester United . People come to want to root for the team which my native people belong with . Frankly speaking , there is nothing bad about Chelsea . This is only what Shinji Kagawa belongs with Manchester United . Please tell me whether my idea is the ideas of the young or not.