• Another attempt to criminalize our students early

    This is nothing more than an attempt to criminalize students early, to get them in the system, and to make police aware of them. I would assume some sort of punitive action will result from this, but it will turn out the same as the sexting law has in other states: a law designed to protect children is instead weilded like a weapon, and ends up victimising them, and incorporating them into a majorly corrupt system early enough to do severe permanent damage to that child's life. If you are a rational parent capable of more than fear-based reactionary opinions, you will consider all sides of this concept, and the harms that come from it. And also remember that only in the 'land of the free' is it a right to take away others rights in order to support your own vision of what this country 'should' be.

  • I Think It Is

    I believe mandatory drug testing is a violation of students' rights. I know I would have been strongly against this practice if it would have happened to me while in school. Schools are in place to provide an education, not try to catch people doing drugs. If the administration feels a student has a problem, they should consult the parents.

  • No, I think mom and dad are very much in favor of this.

    Sorry, kids, but I don't believe doing drugs is a right. I think in some cases, teenagers need to be protected from themselves. In my book, whatever it takes to intervene and keep my kids out of drugs is pretty much ok with me. Yes, students have rights, but not when it comes to mandatory drug testing.

  • No, I don't think mandatory drug testing is a violation of students rights.

    I think a school district has the right to test students for drug violations, I think that as long as it is done respectfully and there is a reasonable suspicion that drugs may have been involved then it's perfectly fine to do, I think it only benefits the student because he/she can receive treatment if drugs are found.

  • Colleges have the right to police their anti-drug policies.

    I don't think it is. A college is entitled to set its own behavioral standards and requirements of the students it admits. This is particularly true of something that is in fact illegal to do. If you don't like the policy, you are entitled to enroll in a different educational institution.

  • No it is not.

    Students should do whatever the state or university requires of them. They are recieving their education so they should do whatever the institution demands of them. The learning environment should be drug free. This will help promote better learning for all. They do not have rights when they are young or in college.

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