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  • Yes, if it is random.

    It is good to make people accountable for taking drugs if they are. So there are many professions where there should be mandatory drug testing, especially in those involving safety of themselves or others. This testing should not be scheduled but should be random so that the person is surprised.

  • Yes, mandatory drug testing is a great resource

    I believe that mandatory drug testing in all things, ranging from employment, athletes, to extension of government benefits is a good thing. This ensures that people are not using any illegal substances to gain any edge over their peers, and that they will be a reliable employee. I feel like drug testing should be implemented at all levels of society.

  • Violation of Privacy

    Mandatory drug testing is not good. From the beginning of human civilization, human beings have ingested all types of mood and mind-altering substances. Part of being human is seeking alternate forms of consciousness. The government has chosen certain drugs which it deems bad, but preventing people from making their own choices with respect to drug use is immoral.

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