• It's an adventure.

    Yes, manned space flight is a worthwhile venture, because it is amazing to the people who get to experience it. They come back with experience and telling tales that inspire all of us. We need to go exploring our universe and bring those experiences back to see how we look from space.

  • I Believe So

    I believe manned space flight is a worthwhile venture. In the future it will hopefully be possible to travel parts of the Universe, maybe even go from galaxy to galaxy. In order for us to do that in the future though, I feel we need to lay the ground work now.

  • Yes, I think a manned space flight is a worthwhile venture.

    I think that manned space travel is a very worthy venture, while it may cost a lot of money it always provides much research and such that can be used to benefit everyone overall, I think it also symbolizes the progress of the human race and our technology that we can send someone off our planet and into space.

  • Mankind has benefited in so many ways.

    I think, on the face of it, the massive cost of putting a few men into space to float around does not seem to be worthwhile, however the research and experience gained from this has lead to massive progress in science and technology, and this has benefited all of mankind in so many ways, so it has definitely been worthwhile overall.

  • Waste of money

    The only reason man went to the moon to begin with was to demonstrate our superiority to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the reason we've continued it is as a symbolic show of American superiority, and the reason we're having this argument is that the unemployment rate continues to rise and national debt continues to grow. Absolutely not.

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