• Probably not, but it could.

    Don't underestimate the psychological aspect of sports. This guy was catastrophically embarrassed. It's possible that this could affect his performance on the field, although it seems unlikely. It just depends whether or not he is prone to that kind of thing. There are of instances of pro athletes letting embarrassment cost them their career, such as Arnold Palmer (after he choked he never played again). That's a bit different but still embarrassment probably had something to do with it.

  • Not Necessarily

    Manti Te'o could still have a promising career in football ahead of him. It all just depends on his performance on the football field. What he did and what he went through was embarrassing, but it doesn't have to ruin his career forever. If he does well and wins games, the public will fall in love with him again.

  • Not Neccessarily

    If the man is a great football player and his athletic ability warrants him having a professional football career it is possible he may have the chance to play pro football. To make an appropriate assessment of this question really comes down to what is the basis for making the judgement. Is his potential for pro football career being assessed based on his skill in the game or his personal life?

  • It Is Far From Over

    Manti Teo's football career is not over. It is actually far from it. The NFL Draft will be here soon and he will be a Top 10 pick. After a while people will forget about what happen and everyone will be able to move on. What he does on the field has nothing to do with the incident with his fake girlfriend.

  • No, his football career is not over.

    It seems ridiculous that the on field talent of a player is dictated on his off the field performance. He did not harm anyone r himself. This is comparable to Clinton and Lewinsky. He private affairs did not impact his ability to lead this country. Similarly, Teo's poor decision making in his private life will not impact his football career.

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