• One word: Memorization

    Although marching music is generally easier than concert music, You have to memorize it in a relatively short amount of time while also memorizing your drill. Also, Marching band is more likely to change than its concert hall companion wether it be just minor changes hours before a performance to cutting an idea during band camp. Yo then will eventually learn visuals which you will have to know counts for and memorize which set they go with while threatened with it changing or being cut entirely.

  • Yes! Marching band is harder than concert band

    In concert band you have your music in font of you and you are sitting still while in marching band it is an activity involving physical exertion...
    Okay... Let's think about this for just a minute... What do you do in Marching Band? Oh yeah, You MARCH... AKA Physical Exertion. Oh, And you have to lug around an instrument the whole time. Some heavier than others. Up to maybe even 50 lbs. (Which is more than football gear, I'm sure) "But marching band doesn't require physical exertion" Wrong you are wrong. We're outside conditioning and practicing even before the football team is. (Wow running? We do that too. People get physical related injuries in marching band just like in other sports because guess what it's actually a lot of work. Sorry did you want to hold a 30 pound tuba and run across the football field?). It Requires Skill...
    Okay... Once more, Let's think about this. In Marching Band you have to memorize your music, and your dots. You also have to know how to play your instrument. If you think being able to walk and text is skill then you should try Marching Band. You have to march, know where to go and when to go there, you have to know how to play an instrument, and know all of your music. That is skill. It is a team sport
    Okay technically this could be anything. Whether you work alone or in a group. Marching band is your team. It's made of different parts and without one part nothing would be right. If you didn't have your legs you wouldn't be able to walk. Without the clarinet section the tune just wouldn't sound right and anyway... It's a team effort. If someone doesn't know their music or their spot on the field. The entire show could be affected. "It doesn't really take that much skill to do marching band"Just stop. Memorizing 8-12 minutes of drill and music and executing it perfectly is extremely difficult. And it competes against another or others for entertainment...
    Okay, so in Marching Band you take trips to many places just so you can compete. You compete just like a softball team would. You go out and do your best and you either win or you lose. That's how it works. You end up on top or bottom.
    Extra Stuff:
    -There are competitive marching bands out there that compete against other bands at each show. One of the best competitive marching band shows is the World Championship Finals, publicized each year on ESPN (a sports channel), just like other sports. I am a member of a compitive marching band the DCMB.

  • Yep, way harder.

    I'm in both my school's symphonic and marching bands. Let me tell you, marching band is at least four times as difficult as concert band. Between lengthy rehearsals, band camp, football games, competitions, and parades, marching band requires far more time and effort. With concert band, you can get away with not knowing your part. In marching band, you need to know your music perfectly. And if you miss rehearsal in marching band, you're holding the whole band back. Missing a concert band rehearsal rarely affects the entire group, unless you're a soloist or first chair I guess.

    In conclusion, marching band is much harder than concert band.

  • It depends really.

    If they were to play music of the same difficulty, then yes, marching band is harder. But if concert band music is significantly more difficult, then it could be about the same level of hardness. Heh heh. I said "hard". I have the humor of Bevis and Butthead. I am ashamed.

  • Marching band is Much harder than concert band

    Marching band is much harder this concert for many reasons. Firstly for every concert band performance, you are permitted to have your music in front of you. In marching band you must have you music memorized. Also, concert band requires very little physical output. Marching band, in my experience, is a four day a week deal with many hours each day. I speak as a member of both groups and in my opinion marching band is much harder than concert band.

  • It is much harder

    You still have to sound as good as a concert band, with the addition of marching. Playing well while marching is extremely difficult, and your mouthpiece will bounce against your face and ruin your tone if not done correctly. I cannot see any reason why concert band could even be construed as "harder".

  • Marching band is harder than concert band!

    I am in marching band and concert band. Trust me when I say marching band is harder than concert band. In marching band you have to memorize music, where you march and you have to pass off or play your music from memory. In concert band you just have to sound good as a whole.

  • Concert is much more difficult

    While there definitely is some effort in marching, the instruments are toned down to accommodate having to march. Not only this but a lot of marching is nothing but shouting with there rarely ever being an exception. Concert band requires a much huger sense of musicality. Concert band calls for more and is more demanding.

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ChairmanMao says2013-11-18T02:10:04.983
Speaking as a four year veteran of both marching band and concert band(high school), playing a music ranging from easy to very difficult in both cases, and playing a baritone/euphonium for three years in marching band I can with confidence say that marching band is the harder activity, given music of the same or similar level. In marching band, especially with some of the lower voiced instruments, the physical demands of just holding the the instrument are much greater. Case in point the marching baritone and concert baritone (or euphonium). The marching baritone weights a lot and requires much strength in the arms and back to hold and play properly while marching. The concert baritone may sat on a knee or held slightly away from the body. This stance can be maintained for a much longer period than with a marching baritone. My second point is that is much more difficult to produce a constant good sound while moving. A performer must ensure their lower body always strong and balanced as to not effect the upper body. Even a slight break in the lower body can introduce wobbling tone. My third point the immense space over which many marching bands play. In some bands instruments are separated by many tens of yards, yet they are expected to still play in tone, in time, and with correct balancing. Not only this, but for some of the more mobile bands the space between performers is constantly changing and so a performer must be constantly adapting their approach to listening.

There are many more points I could make about addition of the visual element, wide range of playing conditions, duality of physical/musical demands, but I think you get the point.