Is Marcos the best president of the Philippines?

Asked by: Dyob
  • Marcos padin mga ulol

    Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo! Marcos padin mga ulol gago kayo!

  • Marcos an ideal president

    Marcos's contributions are greater than the contributions of the past presidents combined. The Philippines GNP is four times higher than the past years. He taught us whats the difference between fear and discipline. Marcos implemented the martial law in the Philippines in order to make the country harmonious, But people misunderstood it.

  • Ruler of the best Philippine era

    During the times that Marcos was president, Philippines was an incredibly rich country. He led us through a great path and a way to success. The only reason that people disagree with him is because he took a lot of action towards discipline. But what is a nation without discipline? It is our own fault that he took action and him.

  • The Best President of the Philippines

    I strongly agree that Marcos is the best president of the Philippines to date. During his regime, Philippines is one of the fast developing country, Not only in Asia but to western countries as well. Philippines was well known for its economic rapid growth where the exchange rate between philippine peso and us dollar is the same.

  • Intelligent, Smartest, Patriotic

    For me he is the best president we ever had in this country. He lead the philippines in a better direction as manifested in his countless projects for the good of our country yet he is being mock and bullied by his political foes in order to discredit his many good works for the betterment of our country as a whole. For his opponents try to see yourself in a mirror first before you criticise marcos. Where you walk going to your school or works, Where you hospitalize, Etc. Were all projects of marcos. After marcos what happens to the phillipines now? You yourself can answer that!

  • The Best President

    For me it is all about actions that speaks better than words and even some people or kabayan here in Philippines hide all these works of President Marcos using their propaganda it's still showing that during he's time Philippines/Filipinos is very disciplined and educated people and also the country is great for my best opinion its not about who run the country its all about people who works for their country. #MaramingTamadSaPilipinas# mas gusto mang hold up, magnakaw, manloko at mangurakot. Wake up Brown People

  • Marcos is the best

    Lmao.,.,.What is the issue if Emilda has 1000 pair of shoes? FYI,., Marcos is a rich man before he became a president in our country. Did you know that Marcos is a attorney?Do you know about the 640,000 metric tons of gold of Maharlikan empire that the 30 % of that was given to Marcos?That is how rich Marcos is ,.,.,., Don't you think that if assasinating of Ninoy is Marcos intention why he let Ninoy have a treatment in US and don't kill him at the prison?.,.,.,IN Marcos Regime ,peso and dollar have almost the same amount. Why you don't try to ask your grandparents o that or your parents who lived in marcos time? They say that in the time of marcos ,their life was nice and products are in low price unlike today,arent they?Except to those 15%filipinos that are fooled by aquinos .,.,.,.,. You say that cory lead the EDSA revolution???LOL fyi cory was not in edsa in that time ,she was in cebu,.,.Maybe she was afraid..... And we marcos should be the hero in edsa bec. He stop the militar to fire the people in edsa .,.,. And the people must be also arrested because they act against the law plus they try to attack and harm the militars ..

  • Excellent leader cool

    He built more bridges hospitals schools bridges art center power plants built more things than all the presidents combined ruled for 21 years did not kill ninoy he is cung fu lao he did not tourture or execute people he is the last and 6th president of the 3rd philippine republic

  • Best president of the philippines to date.

    We all have our opinions, but the ones who said no clearly got their information to mainstream media and bogus propaganda of the previous reigning regimes, You follow so readily with what is being fed to you with little thought of its content. Marcos had a clear plan to make the philippines a top international contender on all aspects, His downfall was when he got sick. He was terminally ill and was constantly attached to life support. He was unable to control his cabinet and wife from plundering our countries wealth. Cardinal sin knew what was happening so he called upon ninoy to talk to marcos. It's hard to say who had him killed but its obviously about politics, Some politicians didnt want to stop their filthy corruption. Thats the truth. Dont let mainstream medial put wool over your eyes. Capicshe?

  • Marcos is a great president

    Ever since until now, Filipino people should be disciplined. That's why they are get killed because of stubborness. In fact i had met professional and experienced people who lived in Marcos Regime. They said that it was very safe those times, only those who oppose and hard headed bitches are the ones who is killed.

    I think without Marcos and Duterte. Philippines will never be a great country again.

  • It takes only to look at the facts and data to know what Marcos really did to our country.

    Research for your own. Be objective about it. A person's biased point of view can affect his/her views. If you don't believe the information coming from the people about this side then you have to do research on your own. Please lang. Nasasayang yung mga buhay na nawala para sa kalayaan na meron tayo ngayon.

  • Marcos is a deceitful, Power-hungry, And corrupt leader

    The following are four of the many reasons why I say this;

    1. He is not a war hero. There are no records to support that the battle of Salian River and Abo-Abo River in Bataan happened. WW2 Veteran Gillego debunked his claim and found that he in actuality only had 2 war medals given after WW2. Even the US Military does not support this claim since no records can be found as mentioned.

    2. His reign of course had the biggest impact and he had built a lot of structures to improve the Philippines. But, At what cost? The economy did improve, Yes. However, This improvement in the economy was debt-driven and in the final years of his rule, He declared bankruptcy.

    3. He is listed as the 2nd most corrupt leader in the world by Forbes magazine and his position there is also supported by facts. He left the Philippines with billions of pesos and the US government found this.

    4. Ronald Reagan found him to be a liability in the interest of the United States.

    There are a lot more reasons why. Please mga pinoy magresearch kayo and it's better if you read sources not from the Philippines kasi the media can be extremely biased. There are a lot of false information that you can find in the net. Check niyo muna if totoo and kung may sources ba. If may contradictions then there must be something wrong. Also, Walang best president. Lahat ng president (of course including Marcos) may ginawang good at tama pero lahat rin ng president may nagagawang mali.

  • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” -- Joseph Goebbels

    Just like what Joseph Goebbels said, people nowadays believes easily from lies in social media.Marcos is not a hero, yes he created a lots of infrastructure projects, but look what happened? Corruption everywhere, causing the debts of our country to rise, creates a "domino effect" in the Philippine economy,causing many people jobless, many people dying cause of hunger. And now you people likes to idolize this piece of s**t. Well God Bless Philippines.

  • Oh how quickly we forget

    The days of salvagings, crony capitalism, human rights abuses, extravagant waste, torture, misguided economic programs crippling the country, self serving rewriting of the constitution, and the corruption that drove all business and skilled labor out of the country...Not to mention their theft of the national bank on their departure, a small price to pay. What marcos accomplished for the greater good is a pittance compared to what he accomplished for himself and his stooges and was wiped out by his evil. Was he the best president? Try worst imaginable.

  • Cash me outside how bout dat

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  • Marcos, despite his efforts, cannot and will not be a hero.

    It may be true that he has accomplished a lot for the economic development of the Philippines (which was short lived, btw), but his regime as a dictator which has caused thousands of lives and so much public money stolen from the Philippines... I do not think this would warrant a hero. I mean, you don't see the Germans ever glorifying the efforts of Hitler even if he lead an expansion of land for the German people, do you?

  • Marcos is literally not a hero

    He can be called as a good president, but nit a hero because he didnt do anythinh to prove taht he really is an authentic hero, so please we should stand in one and know that marcos is not a hero and he will never be hinored as a hero.

  • Marcos a hero?

    What the hell do you mean marcos is a hero in what way shape or form what the fuck ohmygod i have no words literally no i mean you uneducated assholes actually think that what the hell i am literally out of words pls pls learn your history pls bish

  • Well... My Point

    He was okay at first. He may have declared Martial Law with the thought of the common good, but let the human rights abuses happen under his military control.

    And why did his wife got 1,000 pairs of shoes?!

    As for his LNMB burial, well, he's buried there already, we cannot do anything about it. Let's learn from the past and hopefully, this won't happen again with any other president.

  • Marcos no hero

    Yes marcos uplifted our country but what is the use of being number one if we are not united? There is a great gap between the rich and the poor and a true successful country does not depict division of classes. Try to think if Philippines did not prosper before, then this, our contemporary issues and problems will not arise. But I am very sure that even Marcos did not make Philippines rich, other president will. We could be a late bloomer country that will surpass Singapore who is now one of the first world countries in Asia. With our natural resources and manpower or human resources, we can be the Asia's leading first world country.
    So my stand is I do not see Marcos as the best president nor a hero. He should not be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

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