• She is quite popular.

    Yes, Margaret Cho is an all-time icon among female celebrities, because people seem to really like her and identify with her. Her comedy is funny, but it isn't quite as brash as Tina Fey or the others on NBC. Cho is also a talented icon, because she is good at other things besides just comedy, like fashion and design.

  • No,Margaret Cho is not an icon among female celebrities.

    An icon is someone that can be representative through different ages and genres and Margaret Cho just does not fit that description.Although she is innovative and has broken many barriers for Asian women,Cho is somewhat limited in what she does and so does not really qualify for the title of female icon.

  • Margaret Cho might be funny, but her life choices are not iconic

    Margaret Cho is not an all-time icon among female celebrities. While some people highly admire her comedic talent, the other parts of her life makes others question the ability of her to have an iconic status. She has stated many times that she has an open marriage, and that violates a sense of proper, acceptable behavior in many people's eyes.

  • Margaret Cho is Icon for Asian-Americans

    Margaret Cho isn't an all-time icon for female celebrities. Instead, she's an icon for Asian-American female celebrities who owe her for her rise to fame. I seriously doubt Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh would be nearly as popular in America today without Cho's influence on society. Cho is an icon, but not for all women.

  • I Don't Believe So

    I am familiar with Margaret Cho's work, however I believe there are many people in the United States who would not recognize her name or face if they saw it. Her name is not synonymous with fame and she has not reached the same celebrity as others. For that reason, I do not believe she is an all-time icon among female celebrities.

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