Is Margot Robbie one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today?

  • Her beauty and talent are undeniable

    Although she is extremely beautiful, and it is undeniable that she is very beautiful, she is also an amazing actress. Many people may think that she is just hired for her beauty, but she has also played many roles where she is not dressed up to be a beautiful woman. For example, in Z for Zachariah, her character wore no makeup and wore old tattered clothes, and in movies like that she truly gets to showcase her talent.

  • She is undeniable if her beauty could be over looked we would be blind

    Im not here to make a statement, there is no need for that. If you are here you were looking there fore you liked what you saw. Now that being said whats to be said. She is one of the women you hope to see playing roles so you can drool

  • She looks like an old time movie star, like from the 40's or 60's, when they were really beautiful and naturally so.

    The other stars have had nose jobs, etc. and are not natural beauty's. Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone are natural beauties too, but most others are not even naturally pretty. That Pykra Chopra( ?)chick obviously has had a nose job. Persis Kambatta was a natural beauty. Blake Lively was homely before her nose, teeth, etc., but they sure did a good job on her. But if no plastic surgery no one would look twice at them.

  • Margot the Most Beautiful?

    Margot Robbie is an Australian actress who is known for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, and Suicide Squad. With her beautiful glowing blond hair, crystal emerald eyes, and model-like appearance, Margot Robbie is definitely at the top of the list of most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her glamorous fashion sense and makeup style only further enhance her beauty. Whether walking in an elegant floor-length dress for an award show red carpet, or simply dressed like an average casual modern day woman for a movie role, Margot never fails to look stunning.

  • Look at Her...

    Margot Robbie is the perfect woman for many men.. and women. She has class, grace, a very attractive body. She was selected for her role in Wolf of Wall Street in large part because of her good looks, but now we have all seen that she is also a great actor.

  • Yes, Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

    Yes, Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood because of her sharp and beautiful facial and physical features. In 2013, Robbie burst into the scene by acting as Jordan Belfort's beautiful wife in the movie "Wolf of Wall Street." She later went on to act in different movie roles and is considered a sex symbol by some Hollywood insiders.

  • She's pretty but not the most beautiful

    There're many beautiful women in hollywood right now and more more attractive! She has a normal features. By the way she's one of the prettiest, i've also read a post who described her like the MOST beautiful woman in the world, god no! Look at Sofia Vergara or Adriana Lima please.

  • Pretty is pretty

    Ms. Robbie is beautiful, no doubt, but without the lights, make-up and editing, is she any more beautiful than the rest of the plastic people in Hollywood? Beauty is such a subjective rating system. It would be better served to judge her skill as an actress or her ability to become a character.

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