• Greatest of all time but Whitney Is a close second.

    Mariah singing ability is unbelievable, she has amazing dexterity and agility. She can sing crazy fast runs, but you can't tell how fast they really are. She can adjust her voice to any genre. She has amazing power. She doesn't need her whistle notes to prove she's the greatest, Whitney is deemed the greatest singer of all time because she has a much more pleasant, velvety tone and because she can belt very well. But Mariah is the greatest of all time, there is no one like her.

  • PRIME MARIAH = best singer ever

    She had control, her voice was flexible, she had growls, vocal breaks, and those holy whistle notes. Her resonance is incomparable, even Whitney wasn't that resonant throughout her range (she was powerful and her tone was rich, but she wasn't as resonant as Mariah when their upper belting ranges are compared). She could do the most insane runs (slow and fast) and her melismas are so accurate and melodically fitting in all of her vocal registers including the whistle register. Prime Mariah was a force to be reckoned with and no one could ever compare to her ever in the future. She's influenced so many people to become singers AND left her impression on music history with her songwriting, collaborations, and stylistic choices that so many people try to emulate. It's devastating knowing how nodules and fatigue could wear down such a goddess. :(

  • The greatest singer of all time in the world

    Literally the most beautiful voice i've ever heard in my life. Natural born voice quality. No amount of voice coaching can teach you to sound that good. That is all god's gift. Not to mention her range is almost endless. Digging down the lowest of the lows, and the highest of the highs. If there is brooke shields in beauty, meryl streep in acting, there is mariah carey in music. The greatest


    She simply defines the word DIVA at all aspects of vocal acrobatics. Whitney and Celine battles for me as the second placers. Honorable Mentions deserves to be Jessie J and Beyonce. I literally prefer singers who has that San Goku in their throat. God Blessed us with these incredibly talented ladies !!!

  • She truly is the best.

    Mariah Carey has a 5 octave range and has perfect control over all of it. Her melismatic control is flawless and she is known to fit many notes in just a second of space (see "Butterfly" and "Lead The Way"). Her cloudy tone takes you to a dream world. Unlike the assumptions people make, Mariah's voice has much power behind it. The songs on her earlier albums really capture this (see "Mariah Carey," "Emotions," and "MTV Unplugged"). Her transitions from chest to head voice and head voice to whistle are seamless and her jumps from chest to whistle are fantastic. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest whistle register in history. They referred to her as the "Songbird Supreme." This is a title that she has kept for years and is often associated with her. It's clear that the people who say she isn't the best ever have never looked further into her discography than AIWFCIY and We Belong Together.

  • No doubt about it

    There's no doubt about it. Mariah was a force of nature, especially back in the 1990's. Comparatively, her voice was more flexible, she had much higher but also lower range, she was generally better at embellishing and her voice was also actually stronger. Whitney seemed to have faster vibrations and a times her embellishments seemed quicker and controlled, but she just couldn't as much as Mariah. They were both born to be singers, but Mariah was genetically engineered. We probably wont live to see/hear another signer like her in our lives. She influenced signers in other countries across the world. We consider ourselves lucky that we were alive as the same time as her.

  • Most successful solo artist.

    Mariah Carey is the most successful solo artist in the history of recorded music with 18 number one hits. . . Not only is she successful, But she has largely influenced the music industry and helped thousands of fans through her inspirational music. Therefore, It's only natural that she is crowned the 'best singer ever'

  • Most successful solo artist.

    Mariah Carey is the most successful solo artist in the history of recorded music with 18 number one hits. . . Not only is she successful, But she has largely influenced the music industry and helped thousands of fans through her inspirational music. Therefore, It's only natural that she is crowned the 'best singer ever'

  • Yes yes yes

    I'm actually 16 and I feel like the time goes so quick, at least I have this luck hearing her songs, when she still alive... I think our "modern" society is really worst and worst, to my mind their won't be as good footballers as Ronaldo, Messi, won't be as good singers as Mariah Carey, Whitney... So just enjoy... These songs touch my heart. I really appreciate, the world need more of this love :/

  • Go Mimi. Mirage

    Do i even need to explain the legacy of this pop idol. She revolutionised music and inspired so many modern day singers like Beyonce. Her wistful melodies and the light airy tone combined with her power and whistles leave everybody with hanging jaws. As if i needed to explain why she is pretty much the best singer. Her legacy is shown in modern day music.

  • Great singer, but not the best ever by a long shot

    Incredible vocal range, but range does not make you a great singer. It's the quality and clarity of her tone. Definitely preferred her during her first 3 or four albums when you could tell the beauty and strength of her voice vs the airy madness she sings today. Her middle range was strong and clear. Not quite full of the richness and beauty that you find in a Whitney Houston, Wynonna Judd or KD Lang. Though she was much closer to that level of quality in her earlier days. I still have hope that she will return to that style of singing. Love you Mariah.

  • She's ok but...

    I like her music,but I wouldn't say she the best singer ever. There are so many singers with better voices. I will name some,Sharon Den Adel (lead singer of Within Temptation),Liv Kirsten ( lead singer of Leaves Eyes),Tarja ( ex-lead singer of Nightwish,now solo),Lisa Middelhauve ( ex-lead singer of Xandria),Floor Jansen( ex-lead singer of After Forever,now lead singer of Revamp),Simone Simons(lead singer of Epica),Celtic Woman.I could go on but you get the point,& none of the women I've named need the whistle notes.Most people who listen to other singers know she wouldn't be anywhere without the whistle.

  • No, she isn't.

    No, I do not think that Mariah Carey is the best singer ever. Some of her biggest fans may argue that she is, but this is all a matter of opinion. I think that she is very talented, but not the best. I think that it would be very hard to nail down who I believe is the best singer ever.

  • Mariah Carey isn't the best singer ever ; There are better singers out there.

    When you try to label someone the best at something, you have to consider all of the other possibilities out there for the role. It is very subjective to call someone the best, and there are no hard and fast rules. I certainly consider many other singers better than Mariah Carey.

  • She is not the best singer ever

    She certainly can sing, but there are many singers are better than her. Celine dion, whitney houston, and beyonce are some of them. Besides, she's got no attitude outside the stage. Well, i actually like her voice but she can't be on top. A holy night, a song that she sang beautifully. But cmon, its HOLY night, she shouldn't sing it that way..

  • Mariah Carey is not the best singer ever.

    Although she is a popular singer, Maria Carey is hardly the best singer ever. A big reason that she is so popular is because of her sex appeal. She is a good performer, but she is not really that great of a singer. If she had the same voice but she were ugly, no one would listen to her music.

  • Whitney Houston was always better than Mariah.

    I'd agree with the opinion that her beauty IS factor when people say she's the best. If Mariah were average looking, she would probably be within the top 20 greatest female singers of all time, but definitely not the best. I'd put her on par with Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna.

  • No, she is not.

    Mariah Carey is a good singer, but I would not say the best. Everyone enjoys different singers and styles and hers just does not appeal to me. I also believe it isn't fair to call any one type of singer or band the best because there will always be people out there who do not like it or care for that kind of music.

  • Good, yes. the best? no.

    Mariah Carey is a beautiful singer, but there are so many that can be considered better. Judy Garland for one. At the age of 17 she knocked peoples socks off. Even with today's singers, there are so many comparable or better in my opinion. It also depends on your taste. Do you like opera, punk, rock or country? Anyone could debate that any of these genre singers could be better.

  • No, Mariah Carey is not the best singer ever.

    There are many more talented singers that exist that is as talented or more talented than Mariah Carey. Calling her the most talented singer ever is all a matter of opinion as I myself do not like some of her music. However I will not deny that she is indeed very talented, and has strong foundations as a good singer.

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