• Yes, I agree

    Yes, I strongly agree with this. This is simply because Marijuana has various advantages than the rest of the drugs like Alcohol or Cigarettes. To begin with, Marijuana has medicinal value and can be used by the cancer patients. Alcoholics have a hang over after a previous drink unlike the marijuana addicts.

  • Yes, marijuana is better for people than alcohol and other legal drugs.

    Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol. Moderate use of marijuana does not impair the ability of a person to do routine tasks such as driving a motor vehicle to the extent that alcohol does. Alcohol is by far more hazardous to public health and leads to not only more auto accidents, but personal accidents such as injuries due to falling down, and also serious medical conditions such as liver disorders. Alcoholics also inflict physical and mental abuse on others and often cause property damage. People seem generally able to use marijuana more responsibly than most alcoholics are able to drink responsibly. Legal drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen cause many side effects and are also contraindicated when using certain other over the counter medications and alcoholic beverages. So, even what most people think is a harmless little aspirin can cause unsuspected adverse health consequences.

  • There isn't enough people using it therefore far less statistics on it's problems.

    Since it's illegal there is far less people using it therefore far less statistics and the time for it to develop into a more common recreational drug to really show anything.

    People that like weed makes excuses relative to comparing drunk driving and smoking issues to weed medicinal purposes. That's like comparing heterosexual marriage lives vs. Homosexual marriage lives. Homosexuals only make up 5% of the population and homosexual marriage unions make up far less of that so there isn't really good reasoning on if homosexual marriages have less issues vs. Heterosexual marriages in addition to that homosexual marriages don't have a very long history compared to hetero marriages so once again doesn't give good circumstantial evidence on domestic violence etc., even though lesbian couples have been reported to have more domestic violence even though there is little to no lesbian couples... That statistics is very overwhelming for such a small group.

  • No, marijuana is not better for people than alcohol but it may be better than other illegal drugs

    No, marijuana is not better for people than alcohol but it may be better than other illegal drugs. Marijuana causes people to be disoriented and have hallucinations. This is dangerous to other people who come into contact with them especially if they choose to drive after taking the drugs. Marijuana should remain illegal.

  • It is not filtered.

    When a person smokes a cigarette, there is a filter on the end of it that is required to be there by law. There is no such requirement for a marijuana cigarette. That means that whatever is in the cigarette ends up in the person's body. For this reason, marijuana is worse than alcohol and other drugs.

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