Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Migraines?

  • Marijuana is an effective treatment for migranes

    It is possible that marijuana is an effective treatment for migraines as it is one of the conditions which doctors are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana for. Logically marijuana is a mind altering substance which very possibly could alter the pathways and brain to create an effective treatment without the need to resort to other mind altering prescriptions. It also is often a relaxant which may help ease the tension which causes many migraines.

  • Marijuana Can Help Migraines

    Many people have advocated that marijuana is a useful treatment for migraines. Since migraines are quite different from a normal headache and tend to happen time and again, they can become quite troublesome. The amount of marijuana required to treat migraines is quite small and is generally thought to help the tension and aura caused by the migraine.

  • Only saying no on this specific topic

    I suffer from migraines, I get them about once or twice a month. I will say that smoking marijuana helps with my normal headaches it will often make my migraines worse. Marijuana raises the blood pressure and I find that when that happens the throbbing gets worse. The migraines I get usually don't go away until I puke or pass out for a few hours. I wont speak for every migraine suffers but as for me it offers no relief.

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