Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Spasticity Disorders Such as Multiple Sclerosis?

  • Sometimes Weed is the Only Relief

    Marijuana can be the only relief MS sufferers have to rely on when normal drugs fail. Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that makes living a normal life hard to impossible. Sufferers live in constant pain and suffering. Medical marijuana is one way MS patients can get relief from their pain, and sometimes it is the best and only way.

  • Marijuana effectively alleviates the symptoms of spasticity disorders.

    Although marijuana is not a treatment in the strictest sense in that its use does not ultimately cure or improve a condition, it is an effective treatment in alleviating pain and discomfort in those patients with spasticity disorders. It calms their bodies enough to give them some control over their bodies and allows them to function somewhat normally for a period of time.

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