• Yes, of course.

    What are you, an idiot? Of course it is, its a drug, fool. Did you know smoking marijuana is worse for your health than smoking a cigarette? Of course not, you uneducated shame to society, if you knew that, why would be smoking this awful drug in the first place?

  • No Question.

    Marijuana is very bad for you. Any drug is bad for you. They are not good for your brain or lungs and are used as an unhealthy way to escape. Marijuana strips people of intelligence and takes away their good judgement skills. There really isn't anything good about the drug or its use.

  • Yes, marijuana is really bad for you

    Marijuana is really bad for you because it is know as a substance of abuse. Not only is it addictive, but it can also cause irreversible damage in the nerve system, causing brain damage. It might feel good after you take it, but in the long run, it will definitely cause harm in the bodies.

  • Marijuana is not bad for you.

    Marijuana is not bad for you. I do believe it can be abused, but will not cause any long lasting harm or damage to you despite what the media tells you. The media will only tell you that too. Science has even proven that marijuana helps cure and prevent cancer, along with reducing symptoms in cancer patients.

  • It is not bad

    Marajuana is a medicinal resource that is used in hospitals all over the world now scientists have proven it to help autism cancer and peaople with ADHD this is telling me that marajuana is infact a good thing it also helps support people with depression but that dont really matter its their life this is why marajuana is not bad for you

  • Marijuana tears apart lives.

    I have had two people i know who were addicted to this substance. Lets call one Jake and the other John. Jake spent all his time and money on drugs such as marijuana. He sold his parents stuff for drugs and would not come out of his room for days. The other: John also smoked Marijuana (he hem) in front of his only daughter (3 yrs) AND the neighborhood children, AND chose the drug OVER HIS WIFE.
    His wife later divorced John and took full custody of the child. Jake is in a rehab center by himself and is expected to stay there for another year. He is not allowed to handle anything of value in the family.

  • Marijuana is really not what you think it is.

    Marijuana has been around since about 2737 B.C yet not even 1 death in the history of man kind.
    Scientist have proved over and over and over again that marijuana does not even have the compound that kills brain cells. I agree that over the span of about 30 years or so of heavy use you will start to see decrease in health with your lungs, but nothing deadly.
    Yet 8 million people die from Tobacco every year! And 4 million from Alcohol yet they are both still legal? WAKE UP PEOPLE. The media tells lies so dumb people will believe them and spread misinformation.

  • Not necessarily.

    I don't think marijuana is necessarily bad for you, but "bad" must be defined. Anything can be "bad" for you. Eating fast food, not getting enough sleep, and sedentary lifestyles are bad for us, but many people do it anyway. What must be looked at is just HOW bad a certain thing is.
    Sure, marijuana causes changes in a person's judgement, and smoking it increases the risk of cancer, but just how bad is this for a person?
    Compare it to, let's say, alcohol. Moderate amounts of alcohol, which are, 1-2 drinks a day for males, can actually be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Overuse, though, increases a person's risks for high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, obesity, and a myriad of other things, yet it's perfectly legal.
    As for marijuana, ingesting it forms other than smoking actually reduces cancer risk. It also helps people with chronic pain function when no other drugs are enough. So, in this sense, marijuana can be good for you.

    Anything can be bad, the issue here is whether or not a person has common sense and moderation.

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JamesStewart says2017-11-26T20:27:45.657
How’s it bad. Have you 57% been living under arock for the past two years? Look at the new research